Guardians of the Galaxy S01 E07: The Backstabbers


With Ronan the Accuser out of the picture, Nova Corps is tracking the next second-in-command to Thanos. They’ve narrowed it down to three people – Nebula, Korath the Pursuer, and… Gamora. This is news to Gamora’s teammates in “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.” Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “The Backstabbers.”

Music and Continuity

The series continues its tradition of titling episodes after classic rock songs, keeping with the theme of the movie. Notably the first few episodes also featured that music whereas recent ones were only named after them. There was something sweet about the combination of old Joe Walsh and superheroes in space. One hopes we’ll eventually hear all the tunes included on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Mix Vol. 1. It is the show’s soundtrack after all.


That said, this week’s episode is titled “The Backstabbers,” assumedly a play on the song “Back Stabbers” by The O’Jays. This is apropos as the baddies are coming out swinging to fill the vacuum left by Ronan the Accuser. Yeah, check that. Ronan is dead, per the Guardians movie, which raises the question – this series is based on the movie, but is not an official sequel to it… so is it also not connected to the Marvel Animated Universe as well? Will someone wake to find this series a dream and Rocket in the shower?


After a clash with a space squid that shows off some of the more dazzling effects the new animation can show off, Gamora appears to ditch the group with the CryptoCube, the map to the Cosmic Seed. The Guardians uncharacteristically believe she has deserted them for Thanos. Really? Who are these people?


When Quill does actually ditch the rest of the group to find Gamora, it’s a bit more in character but still a wait what moment. These aren’t the Avengers, this is more family than team, friends united by a common cause and a common foe. Someone seems to have forgotten that. I can buy Gamora lying to get what she wants, but lying to her friends, despite their inability to keep secrets, not so much.


The plot it seems is exactly that however, and in the fact that it was predictable, the show continues to let me down. I was very excited by this animated series early on, now, not so much. Gamora is working with Nebula to overcome Korath. With the CryptoCube as bait, she was trying to maneuver Korath and Nebula to taking each other out. Of course it leads to them working together against Gamora, thanks to Star-Lord.


There were things I liked about this episode, small things. I really liked that the artists went to great lengths to copy and animate ships from the movie so accurately. I also dug that Nebula’s thugs were obviously Chitauri. No offense to my lovely Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, but the animated Nebula is far more interesting and scary than her movie counterpart.


Story and logic aside, the episode was visually stunning. I loved watching it when I wasn’t thinking about it. And now I know where all the color that was sucked out of “Avengers Assemble” went. No worry, it looks good here. Here’s hoping the next episodes are better… and have some of that classic rock promised…

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