The Walking Dead S06 E05: Now

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Although we now know how Morgan got his Zen and staff, on last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” we found out that Morgan kept the alpha Wolf alive. Not a smart move, Morgan! There is havoc inside and outside of Alexandria. Someone’s at the gate and, Maggie goes looking for Glenn. Will she find him?

Wake-up Call

Deanna is exhibiting symptoms of  PTSD brought on by the events of the past few days. The townspeople are scared and you can’t really blame them. Half of the herd, 20 deep, is now outside the gate. Calls for help bring everyone running and to our joy, it’s Rick. We don’t know how Rick escaped the RV walkers and we don’t care. Rick is back and everything is going to be alright, right? We still don’t know if Glenn is alive or dead and, Abe, Daryl and Sasha haven’t made it back, yet. The names of the dead are written on the walls.


The townsfolk of Alexandria have been living with blinders on for way too long. They ignored the real world, thinking they were safe behind the walls. Deanna made them believe that they were safe, but the blinders are off, and now, the people have to adjust to life as it really is. This is a big adjustment and not too many people are going to make the crossover from the Emerald City of Oz to the gates of hell.

The first and most important item for the clueless Alexandrians to understand is that food has to be rationed. Some understand, but some don’t. Spencer gives a great speech about why it’s important to ration only to later rob the food bank. He’ll make a great politician.


While Jessie is busy killing her walker neighbor, Betsy, and giving a pep talk to the townsfolk, Carl and Ron do a bitch slap down over Enid. Later Ron warns Rick about Carl and, Rick shows Ron how to shoot. Walkers make perfect targets.


It’s about time we got to see more of Lauren Cohan on this episode. She’s been on the sideline way too long. Maggie has lost everyone in her family, and now, Glenn is in trouble. He told Michonne that he would send a sign if he was okay, but he didn’t. Maggie could have accepted the fact that he was most probably dead, but she didn’t. She was ready to fight the herd to find Glenn. She was ready to jump from the wall and take her chances and that my friend is either real love or desperation.


Luckily for Maggie, Aaron, who feels guilty as hell about his backpack photos bringing the pack of wolves to Alexandria, knows a secret way to get past the walkers. There is nothing like slushing through a sewer to make you appreciate a hot shower. Unfortunately, when you’re doing sewer spelunking during the apocalypse, it ain’t sewer rats that you need to be wary of. After fighting off some sludge walkers, Maggie tells Aaron a secret


We don’t know what has happened to Abe, Sasha and Daryl. We have not been given any clues about Glenn’s fate except that his name was written on the wall. The townsfolk were living a fairy tale, but there is no happy ending in Oz for them. They have seen the herd; they have survived a brutal attack by the wolves; they are low on food supplies and, they don’t know who to trust. Aaron and Jessie trust Rick and with some time, so will the others.


Deanna’s son, Spenser, blames her for everything that has happened. Why blame Deanna? Could they not hear the sounds outside? Didn’t their scouting teams report what they saw outside the wall? Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) finally snaps out of her funk when she’s attacked by a wolf walker, but strangely, she is the only person in the world who doesn’t know to stab a walker in the head. Luckily, Rick arrives to save the day. Deanna is a good leader and so is Rick. She is a planner: make sure the walls are maintained; make sure the planting gets done; make sure the town runs smoothly, while Rick is the enforcer. They make a good team.


There were signs of love in tonight’s show. Denise (Merritt Wever) kissed Tara in this episode. Tara was a source of constant support as Nurse Denise tried to play doctor for the injured. It’s one thing reading all those stinking medical books, but it can get pretty scary when it comes down to actually saving a person’s life. Will this kiss lead to more? We need more love during the apocalypse.

Speaking of kisses, Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) is having a hard time making life feel normal for her sons, Ron and Sam, and no amount of baked cookies will help. Judith, Carl, Enid, Sam and Ron are children growing up during the zombie apocalypse. They’ve learned at a tender age that fairy tales are dead, trampled under the feet of the walking dead. It is what it is and, and it’s not Oz, but you adapt. Rick and Jessie kiss and for this episode, love has been given a chance to bloom.


Aaron (Ross Marquand) tried to talk Maggie out of searching for Glenn, but Maggie had a good reason to try. They were separated before in season four’s “Us” and she didn’t want to go through that a second time. She had no photos of Glenn. She’d burned them thinking they would always be together. Maybe Maggie should have gone with Glenn, but it was better that she stayed behind. She’s going to be a mother now and her baby is a part of Glenn. Maggie will never give up hope on Glenn returning to her and, neither will I. See you next week, my little zombie snacks




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