Come Up FROM UNDER MOUNTAINS #1 On The Wednesday Run

In the realm of sword and sorcery fiction, who doesn’t love a little world building?

A little? How about a lot?

I know there are a bunch of fantasy genre lovers out there – writers and artists, and, importantly, readers – who love the thought of world building: starting a tale from scratch and adding characters, locales and history to that original idea.

And I know there are a bunch of you out there who love to see it in comic book form.

That’s why you need to follow me after the jump and find out about From Under Mountains #1!


From Under Mountains #1
Written by: Claire Gibson and Marian Churchland
Illustrated by: Sloane Leong
Published by: Image Comics

It’s no big secret that science fiction and fantasy comics have become some of the most widely read comics in the industry over the last half decade. And Image Comics has been at the forefront of that popularity, publishing a number of titles on a monthly basis that fit that genre.

Now, over a year after making the announcement, Image Comics is publishing another one. And what a great title it is that graces the cover!

Written by Claire Gibson and Marian Churchland (8House Arclight, Beast) and superbly illustrated by Sloane Leong, From Under Mountains is a new, monthly series, featuring magic, monsters, and feuding families. Interestingly, it lives within a loose connection to Brandon Graham’s 8House line of comic book stories (specifically 8House: Arclight), making for a richer tapestry of setting, history – and future. Here’s real world building with multiple creators!

The various protagonists in From Under Mountains include a lord’s daughter, a disgraced knight and a runaway thief – all bound to change the course of a world full of magic, rival clans, witches, goblins – and all beset by massive, longstanding conflict.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the first issue of From Under Mountains.

Read the beginning of a vast and involving world for all lovers of fantasy fiction!

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