Saving Solanda – The New Novel from Marie Gilbert


You see the work of Marie Gilbert here at Biff Bam Pop! every week. Our Steampunk Granny, zombie expert, and senior writer regularly reviews the cool stuff here, episode by episode recaps of “The Walking Dead,” “Defiance,” “Orphan Black,” among others, and soon “Fear the Walking Dead.” Her interviews and ghost investigations are always top notch. Marie rocks, and we love her, but now we have an extra special reason to be proud of her – she’s not just a published author, but this past week she has released her second novel, the next in the Roof Oasis series. Meet me after the jump and I’ll tell you all about Saving Solanda.

Marie Gilbert’s first novel Roof Oasis was a tale of the twins Michael and Lucy caught in a world devastated by bio-warfare that has inadvertently created zombies. As the hordes of the undead close in, the twins find that their only salvation may lie within a Victorian mirror hidden in the attic of their family home. This first part of the series is still available as a paperback on Amazon and also on Kindle.

The new book, Saving Solanda picks up right where Roof Oasis left off. This fast-paced science fiction thriller packed with romance, action, and horror, with Lucy and her alien lover returning to Earth just as the mountain sanctuary, where her brother and his family are living, is attacked by demons and zombies. The rebels, both on Earth and on Solanda, join forces to bring down the man who began the apocalypse. Can the tyrant’s true identity be found in the past? There’s only one way to find out – get the new book!


Saving Solanda is currently available on Amazon, and will shortly be available for the Kindle. The cover design and illustration is by Shelley Szajner, and the book was edited by Patti O’Brien. Check out this great new chapter in the Roof Oasis series by this terrific author, our own Marie Gilbert.


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