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The Strain S01 E08: Creatures of the Night


Last week’s episode of “The Strain” was chock full of information via flashbacks on the history between our little Nazi Vamp and all time party pooper, Herr Eichorst (Richard Sammel) and our sword wielding concentration camp survivor, Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley). While Guz was stuck in jail with his infected friend, Neeva and the Luss children are saved by ninja vamps. All this action has made me thirsty. Let’s stop by the convenience store… we should be safe, right? Read the rest of this entry

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Defiance So2 E12: All Things Must Pass

Defiance - Season 2

Well, my little Votans, this is a bittersweet post because tonight is the last for the season. Yep, it’s a two-part season finale of “Defiance” and I’m going to miss those wacky yet lovable townsfolk of Defiance. Last week’s two-part episode focused on the women of Defiance, both alien and human. They don’t take Shtako from anyone. Hell no! Who cares if civilization has collapsed like an old party balloon; The gals of Defiance can take care of themselves. The men, on the other hand, could use some help. Read the rest of this entry

The Strain S01 E07: For Services Rendered



Evil exists in darkness, but flees at the first rays of light, except when you’re a vampire, who’s able to hide underground or in dark rooms; shades pulled closed. We witnessed the moon’s eclipse of the sun in last week’s episode; now our heroes make their way in a team effort to track down the Master. Who will they use as bait? Did you ever wonder how Eichorst became the Master’s second in command? Maybe we’ll find out on this week’s episode of “The Strain.” Step lightly, their hearing is enhanced.

Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S02 E10: Bottom of the World

Defiance - Season 2

Last week’s episode of “Defiance” had us rejoicing Kenya’s return, but alas, it was short lived and we found out that Pottinger and Dr. Yewll were in the business of making clones. Tonight we are treated to a double header, so let’s get to it. Read the rest of this entry

The Strain S01 E06: Occultation


We learned two things in episode 5 of “The Strain”: making house calls can be dangerous; a Strigoi and a Nazi are both evil creatures, and New York City is in deep guano. Yes, my little blood banks, the Master with Palmer’s help has started a plague that cannot be stopped. What does this have to do with the upcoming eclipse? Plenty! So grab your protective bag of garlic and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S02 E09: Painted From Memory


Between the Votanis Collective trying to bomb New York, Amanda’s finding her sister Kenya and that afternoon delight scene between Stahma and Datak, last week’s episode of “Defiance” was very interesting. Everyone is happy except Tommy. Get over it, kid! Will Nolan and Tommy fight over Berlin? Are you curious about Irisa and Sukar’s plans for their posse of alien zombies? Me too, but to tell the truth, I’m more interested in Stahma’s reaction when she learns that Kenya is alive. Let’s pretend to be shrill larvae on the wall and listen in, shall we. Read the rest of this entry

The Strain S01 E05: Runaways


If you’re like me, you use the internet to learn, connect via social media or maybe do some research, but the internet is also used as a tool to reveal the evil activities of corrupt men. By spreading the word, we are able to keep evil in check, right? Eldritch Palmer is well aware of the power of an informed public, and on last week’s episode of “The Strain,” he had his henchwoman, Dutch Velders eliminate the threat. Where does this leave Ephraim and Setrakian? In deep guano if you ask me. I wonder if our lovable Rat Terminator, Vasiliy, has figured out what’s spooked New York’s vermin. Let’s find out after the jump… Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S02 E08: Slouching Towards Bethlehem



In episode six of “Defiance” we had an arkfall and a Gulanee on a rampage, but it was no accident. You can thank the players of the Defiance videogame for that mess. What happens in the game can cross over to the show and vice versa. In episode seven, we dealt with alien cosplay, eye donors and Mercado serenading Christie while Alak bedded Treasure Doll, but that’s nothing compared to what happens tonight. Get your search warrant ready, and meet me at the Need Want. Read the rest of this entry


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