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American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E02: Massacres and Matinees


One of the highlights of last week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” other than that freaking scary clown was watching how different Bette and Dot Tattler are from each other. As twins, they share most experiences that other twins do, but conjoined; their experiences must be shared simultaneously and unwillingly and that my little lot lice, sucks. The side show performers did what was needed to protect the twins. Will there be repercussions?  Whatever you do, keep away from the clown.

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Sleepy Hollow S02 E04: Go Where I Send Thee


Hello to all my sleepy heads. On last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow” we watched as Team Ichabod stopped the Judas Coin from causing havoc, but tonight’s trouble comes from a demonic character of an old fable and the children of Sleepy Hollow are not safe. Can Team Ichabod save the day? Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E01: No Sanctuary

The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic Con Trailer 006

When we last met on “The Walking Dead,” Team Rick and his group were searching for sanctuary. What they got was a nightmare named Mary and Gareth. Rick and the gang are locked up in a cattle car and their combined asses are on the line; the food line that is, if the people of Terminus have their way. Who will save them? Read the rest of this entry

American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E01: Monsters Among Us


I’ve survived a haunted home, an insane asylum, and a witches’ coven, and I’m still here. I love “American Horror Story.”  The scripts are deliciously wicked and the acting superb. We open up season four with a freak show and I’ve already purchased my ticket to enter the side show tent. Enter at your own risk.

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31 Days of Horror 2014 with Drew Nelson of “The Strain,” Part Two

Drew IMG_5977

I love being one of the senior writers on Biff Bam Pop!, I get to interview such interesting people. I left off on Part One of my interview with Drew Nelson, who played Matt Sayles on FX’s hit vampire show, asking him what it was like to live and die on “The Strain.” We’ll pick up from there. Read the rest of this entry

Sleepy Hollow S02 E03: Root of All Evil


On last week’s episode Abbie got a new boss, Captain Irving got a wicked lawyer, Katrina’s rescue was a bust, but we got to meet a good monster called Kindred. Team Ichabod might want to watch their backs this week because the townsfolk are acting a wee bit crazy. Why? Follow me, my little sleepy heads, and don’t touch the silver coin. Read the rest of this entry

The Strain S01 E13: The Master


Last week’s episode of “The Strain” had Setrakian’s bat cave invaded by Herr Eichorst and his posse, Gus captured by the ninja vamps, and Team Setrakian on the run in their trusty bread truck. How will season one end? Will they find the Master? Grab a stick of dynamite and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

31 Days of Horror 2014 with Drew Nelson of “The Strain”

Drew IMG_5712

I’ve been doing the weekly recaps for “The Strain” and when Biff Bam Pop’s fearless leader, Andy Burns, asked if I would interview Drew Nelson who played Matt Sayles on the show. My reply was, “Holy Strigoi!” Meet me after the jump. Read the rest of this entry


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