Go Dark, Go Detective With Two BATMAN Titles Today On The Wednesday Run

Batman-GothicIt’s a pretty exciting day if you’re a late 1980’s Batman fan.

At that time, there were some great runs on everyone’s favourite superhero and his monthly comic book titles such as Batman, Detective Comics, and the newly released, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight.

In fact, two specific runs stand out: one by an acclaimed writer (who happened to be aided by an acclaimed artist) and one by an adored artist who brought a sense of visual storytelling to monthly Batman stories that hadn’t been seen before.

If you didn’t get a chance to experience Batman at that time (or if you’d like to re-experience those stories in a new format), follow ne after the jump for the lowdown on some high-flying, but dark, heroics!

Batman: Gothic Deluxe Edition

Written by: Grant Morrison

Illustrated by: Klaus Janson

Published by: DC Comics

The monthly series, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, premiered out of the success of the first Tim Burton Batman film as well as the mid 80’s Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and his four-issue Batman: Year One series (within the pages of the monthly Batman comic book).

Everybody wanted more Batman – and they all wanted it dark, hard-hitting and literary. That meant a new series, in an upscale format, containing tales by the industry’s crème de la crème, which could be easily compiled as a sort of graphic novel at a later date.

The five issue Gothic series, originally published in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight issues 6-10, fit the bill. This was hot writer Grant Morrison’s second take on the character, after his celebrated Batman: Arkham Asylum graphic novel. Here, along with famed artist Klaus Janson (inker on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns), Morrison penned a tale from Batman’s early days – that delved even further into Bruce Wayne’s childhood. A villain known as Mr. Whisper is killing off mob bosses, you see, and he has a dastardly link to child murders when Wayne was young.

It’s a heavy, dark, detective story – a perfect Batman story – and today it finally gets the deluxe hardcover collection treatment it deserves!

BREYFOGLELegends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle

Written by: Alan Grant, John Wagner, Various

Illustrated by: Norm Breyfogle

Published by: DC Comics

Not to be confused with the title of the monthly series listed above, Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle is a hardcover compilation tribute to an exceptional artist who penciled the pages of the monthly Detective Comics for a number of years in the 1980’s.

Breyfogle’s angular, kinetic, and sometimes abstract artwork, was a revelation for monthly comics. Where most superhero books were drawn in a much more realistic manner, Breyfogle’s style ensured that their was constant action on the pages of the Dark Knight Detective’s longest-running title. There was heightened emotion here – and plenty of dark dread, as befits a Batman comic book.

No one – and I mean no one – drew a cooler looking Batmobile than Norm Breyfogle’s sleek and thunderous Batmobile!

Together with a host of great writers like Alan Grant and John Wagner, Breyfogle’s run on Detective Comics is a much-admired tenure. Here are dark detective stories starring some of the wildest villains in any rogues gallery including: Clayface, the Ventriloquist and Scarface! It’s absolutely crazy fun and the stories are finally packaged together, as a tribute to Breyfogle, in a hardcover book.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the Batman: Gothic Deluxe Edition and the Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle hardcover.

It’s some of the best Batman you’ll ever read!

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