Actor Trading Cards: Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlanI grew up collecting baseball cards, which got me thinking… what if actors had trading cards? IMDb and Wikipedia are great sites, but sometimes you want just the ‘highlights,’ right?


Born: February 22, 1959 in Yakima, Washington
Height: 6’0

“I certainly can’t pretend that I didn’t do Showgirls (1995). But I’ve been around for a while now, I’m of a certain age and I’m still doing what I love to do. There’s some good work in there and there’s some work that’s questionable.” – Kyle MacLachlan


Kyle MacLachlan earned a strong cult following thanks to his numerous roles under director David Lynch (Dune, Blue Velvet and “Twin Peaks”). After spending the 90’s in movie roles that kept him in relative obscurity, MacLachlan became a mainstay on several high-profile television shows in the 2000’s, and is now riding a career ‘tidal wave’ that includes a recurring role as ‘Dr. Calvin Zabo’ on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, the voice of ‘Dad’ on Pixar’s upcoming Inside Out, and his return as ‘Special Agent Dale Cooper’ for the newly revived “Twin Peaks”.

Best Known For: Blue Velvet (‘Jeffrey Beaumont’), “Twin Peaks” (‘Special Agent Dale Cooper’) and “Desperate Housewives” (‘Orson Hodge’)

Breakout Role (according to the masses): Blue Velvet

Breakout Role (according to Leo Craven): Dune 
– While the movie was a ‘bust’, it was a very high-profile bust that catapulted MacLachlan into the Hollywood scene at the very beginning of his career.

Box Office Status: Cult Champion

Next Project to Look Out for: Inside Out (In theaters June 19th)

Most Famous Role (Special Agent Dale Cooper entering the town of Twin Peaks):


Won for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series – Drama (Golden Globes) in 1991 for “Twin Peaks”


If you haven’t been watching “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” lately, you’re missing out on some of MacLachlan’s best work.  Check out this very well done montage of him playing the fantastic (and unstable) Dr. Calvin Zabo:


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  1. Love him on Agents. I feel like even in a bad movie or show, he is always a pleasure to watch. In Sex in the City you get to see him in a kilt.

  2. I caught Showgirls on TV late one night years after it’s release. I figured, surely it couldn’t be as bad as everyone said. Silly me … I did stick it out to the end though. I can only plead ‘train-wreck’ insanity. 🙂

    1. I was 18 years old when Showgirls was released in 1995. In fairness, it was about the same caliber as most of the NC-17 movies during that decade, although this one didn’t star Shannon Tweed, LOL!

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