Everything you need to know about the Playstation E3 Experience 2015


Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. I’ve waited so long to hear those words, and there they were on the screen. I had the pleasure of attending the Official Playstation E3 Experience at Yonge and Dundas theatre in Toronto – with none other than our great leader Andy Burns – and when those words flashed up on-screen the place erupted in applause.

It seems that the word ‘Finally’ was one of the underlying themes of the 2015 Sony E3 conference. Not only had we gotten our beloved Square Enix treasure, but we also finally got a glimpse of what some of us have simply passed off as impossible. Something that became more of a running joke over countless conferences that never showed a hint of it.

We got ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE of The Last Guardian, and it’s coming in 2016.

The crowd was in shock! Was it really happening after all this time? It was unbelievable, so much so that when Fumito Ueda, the game’s creative director stood up in the crowd at the conference, people gave him a standing ovation.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 5.50.19 AM
While certainly needing a good showing after Microsoft’s spot-on presentation earlier in the afternoon, Playstation delivered another great collection of first party exclusives, indies and even a hint at Project Morpheus an answer to Microsoft’s mind-blowing demo of HoloLens.

We got a new Hitman game and new gameplay from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, whose multiplayer Beta drops in August. The guy playing the demo wasn’t only beating enemies with guns and grenades, but making people throw up and teleporting in and out of the way of fire among other things. We’ll see how this all plays out when it releases.

One odd standout – keeping with the ‘Finally’ theme, was the appearance of Shenmue 3, a Japanese fan favourite. The game, however, wasn’t shown as a Sony developed game.  Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki appeared on the stage to announce a Kickstarter fundraising effort to get the game under way. Now, don’t get me wrong, this Kickstarter is going to be huge, and there’s little doubt that the game will be made (it’s already received 2 MILLION dollars as of this article) if the rabid fans have anything to say about it, but it did feel a little strange for Sony to bring out this plea for help in the midst of their million-dollar juggernauts.

On the new IP side, we saw Horizon: Zero Dawn, a 3rd person shooter with giant mech dinosaur-like creatures. Looks great, and the setting is pretty unique, taking place after a ‘darkness’ envelops the world and tribes take over. Who knows why the machines are there and what they want? The gameplay looks fun though.

Let’s not forget Star Wars: Battlefront. Graphically, this game looks so good that I’ll literally have to play it before I believe it. It looks better than Uncharted, better than Black Ops 3 and better than Last Guardian. It looks like real life. And that Hoth battle? Epic.

The finishing touch was a new look at Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and an insane car chase scene that had the theater cheering along with every close call and tight turn. They had a bit of a hiccup at the start, which got a few cheers from the crowd, but a quick restart and we were off. This game looks incredible, as usual. Sully makes an appearance, and the crowd scenes look stunning. Can’t wait for this one.

Square Enix has their presentation at noon today, so keep an eye out for that one for more info on FFVII. How did you like the conference? Let us know in the comments!

And thanks to our friend Maria Cortellucci at Sony for the great night, we had a blast!

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