Orphan Black S03 E09: Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow


On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black,” we met clone Krystal; Rachel behaved badly; Helena and Gracie work for the Hendrixes; Cosima and Scott got pink slips and, Mrs. S, Sarah and Felix are going to London. Are all poisons purple? Ask Rudy.

London Bridge Is Falling Down

Remind me never to ask Mrs. S to plan my vacation itinerary. Once in London, Mrs. S quickly calls together a few old friends including the “Geriatric Wankers” for help. Did you know that Maria Doyle Kennedy is a singer? She is and she proves it by belting out a song on this episode. She has a great voice.


Mrs. S has an old friend provide her with a gun and information on the Castor original. Where exactly would one look for this type of information? This scene seemed a bit rushed to me. By the time, Mrs. S is done singing her song, her friend, Terry, already has the low down on the original castor. Unfortunately, for her friends, getting information for Mrs. S can be fatal.

Across the Pond

If you thought that Alison and Donnie make for a funny couple, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Mad Hatter Helena is one helpful nanny. When she’s not making dope in a soap for the Hendrixes, Helena’s giving ninja lessons to little Gemma. Gracie explains why this might not be such a great idea and then tells Helena she has a doctor’s appointment. I smell a rat!


Poor Donnie’s been hiding his bruises from Alison, but Helena gets him to talk. After she learns that Pouchy has her eggs, Helena goes with Donnie to get them back. Now what can possibly go wrong?

Fowls and Poisons

I thought I was witnessing a version of the ridiculous standardized testing that’s being shoved down the American student’s throats, but it was only Dr. Coady testing Rudy to see if his brain cells are still functional. The only thing that will save him is the original. London is invaded by players from Team Leda and Team Castor. Mrs. S, Sarah and Felix have an enemy hot on their trail and he’s killing anyone who knows about the Castor original, Kendall Malone.


Tonight’s episode was full of surprises, not only in the states, but also in the city of London, and once again, we ask ourselves; who can the clone club trust? Not Gracie, that’s for sure. It was our little redhead who spilled the beans about the book. She wanted to save Mark, but her treachery has thrown a monkey wrench into Shay’s and Cosima’s love life. But, can we really blame Gracie for trying to save the man she loved? I’m pretty sure that Gracie life inside the Prolethean Cult lacked any demonstrations of love. Let’s hope that Dr. Coady doesn’t interfere with Mark’s and Gracie’s reunion.

Delphine has succeeded in planting the seeds of doubt, but weren’t we always suspicious of Shay. She appeared out of nowhere to sweep Cosima off her feet. Was Shay a spy for Castor? Delphine was ready to cut open Shay’s wrists with a razor blade to prove it, or so we were led to believe.


Pouchy was a thug and a killer who sold drugs. I’m guessing Pouchy and his bodyguards thought Donnie and Alison were too scared to fight back. He sure as hell didn’t expect Donnie to show up and ask for the return of his money and Helena’s frozen eggs. So what made Donnie go out of his comfort zone? We can thank Helena. She’s happy to be part of the Hendrix family and when someone threatens her family, she shows up at the door. Helena pretends to be Alison.

I love Helena. She’s a killer and I don’t care. This is the first time that Helena has a chance at happiness. She’s part of a family, now. She has a job. She takes care of Alison’s children. Helena will never treat her babies like the wicked sisters at the convent did. They beat her unmercifully when she was a child. When Pouchy threatens to harm the Hendrix children, Helena goes into killer mode. Donnie and Helena leave with all the money and the frozen eggs.


Ferdinand is in London and he’s killed two of Mrs. S’s friends. We learn the identity of the Castor original and he’s a she, or to make us even more confused than we already or, Kendall Malone is Mrs. S’s mum. It seems that Duncan found Kendall while she was serving time in prison. Kendall is not only Mrs. S’s mum, but she has both male and female cell lines. Kendall might be the cure for both the Leda and Castor clones, but only if Mrs. S doesn’t kill her. So here’s a question. Is Mrs. S related to the clones? Is she a sister to the seestras? Can this show get any more confusing?


See you next week, my little clone club. Oh, and by the way, watch out for Delphine. She’s working with Ferdinand.

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