Sleepy Hollow S02 E13: Pittura Infamante


Ichabod Crane, our colonial stud muffin, has had to deal with demons, Moloch, an ungrateful son, headless horsemen, purgatory and, on the last episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” an angel named Orion. But, tonight Ichabod will handle his most dangerous quest; a date with his wife. Can Ichabod save his marriage Maybe Abbie will have some suggestions. Let’s hope it doesn’t involve the founding fathers.

Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Poor Ichabod, this date may with Katrina is an attempt to reignite the flames of passion that’s been lost due to their forced separation and her spending time with the hunky headless horseman. Abbie suggests that maybe Ichabod take Katrina somewhere fun for dinner, drinks and… Unfortunately Ichabod’s idea of a romantic rendezvous is a night at the Historical Society. Duh!


While Katrina was dressed in a lovely contemporary dress, Ichabod still clung to his colonial ways even though he did wear a modified version of his colonial garbs, which leads me to think that Katrina is much more adaptable than Ichabod suspects. Maybe Nick should take Ichabod shopping for some new threads. If we expected the night to be romantic for Ichabod and Katrina, we were soon proven wrong.

Serial History

At the dinner party, Katrina finds herself surrounded by possessions belonging to Abigail Adams. Abigail, who is known for being the first Second Lady and the second First Lady of the United States and the mother of the sixth President, John Quincy Adams was a good friend of Katrina, but tonight we learn that Abigail (Michelle Trachtenberg) was also an amateur detective. She was hunting down a serial killer and this killer is the one trapped in the painting being exhibited at the party. When a friend of Ichabod is found drained of blood and hanging upside down, Ichabod and Katrina discover it has something to do with the painting. They try to protect the next victim while Captain Reyes investigates the death….


Before we go any further, it is believed by people interested in the supernatural that mirrors and paintings can act as portals to the other side. When I was young, it was a custom in Italian families to cover the mirrors when someone died. It was believed that some mirrors were haunted and could trap a soul. I don’t know if they can, but mirrors can be spooky, and not just for the gray hairs they so willingly show. There are also stories of haunted paintings that can cause death to the person who owns it or looks upon the image for too long. Were you ever in a room with walls lined with portraits? Did the eyes look like they were watching you, following you?


Captain Irving is back from the dead! How, he doesn’t remember, but he’s back and Captain Reyes has him thrown in jail. Abbie doesn’t know if Captain Irving is still under the control of Henry and she’s not taking any chances. She sends Jenny to find some magic bullets, just in case. Unfortunately, my second favorite stud muffin was a no show. Without Nick Hawley (Matt Barr), Jenny has to dig up a demon and remove the special bullets. Is Irving alive? The medical tests say he’s a living, breathing human, but what about spiritually? Who will be able to give Abbie that diagnosis?


Who is the man trapped in the portrait? He was the colonies’ version of Jack the Ripper and Abigail Adams figured it out and had the coven and Reverend Knapp trap Colby inside his self-portrait, but he’s taken another victim and Sleepy Hollow’s version of “Hart to Hart” go inside the picture to save the man.


We’ve been blessed with extra episodes and that’s a good deal. “Sleepy Hollow” is a hit with people who like scary, but not nail biting horror. “Sleepy Hollow” is able to fill that bill with the ‘monster of the week’ never being too over the top. Tonight’s episode hit a deeper nerve with the suggestion that the killer was hiding in plain sight; haunted paintings. I didn’t expect Katrina and Ichabod to enter the painting and, I sure as hell didn’t expect the killer to come out after them. In the end, it was Abbie who came to the rescue. Doesn’t she always? She sensed that Ichabod was in trouble and she arrived just in time to use the magic bullets.


Ichabod was trying to win back the affections of his wife. It’s going to be hard. Katrina’s kept too many secrets and she’s still loyal to Abraham. My problem with tonight’s show is that I didn’t feel the passion between Ichabod and Katrina. Lot of talk, yes, but not the passion you’d expect from a man who hasn’t been with his wife in over two hundred years. I don’t care what century you come from, passion is passion, and Ichabod should have been all over her. He wasn’t. There is more of a connection whenever Katrina and Abraham (Neil Jackson) are together. You feel his passion, his wants. Maybe, Ichabod and Katrina need to go on another date; maybe far away from anything resembling history; maybe they need to watch some porn.

See you next week, my little sleepy heads.

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