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Last week’s episodes saw Galavant demoted to playing his squire’s squire in a ruse to keep Sid’s parents happy. Later, as they continued on their journey to Valencia, Gal and crew were accosted by pirates, with an appearance by Hugh Bonneville as the pirate king. Princess Isabella tried to tell Gal that she’s working for the king, but our hero doesn’t hear her. Did Galavant learn Isabella’s secret? Which celebrity made an appearance this week? 

This first of this week’s episodes opens with Galavant, Princess Isabella, and Sid on the pirate ship to Valencia. Gal ponders how things will go down when they arrive. Which should be the first order of business, saving Queen Madalena or saving the kingdom? Feeling increasing guilt about her betrayal, the princess suggests they stop at a monastery, under the guise of getting Galavant a bath in time to storm the castle. These Valencian monks have taken a vow of singing. Isabella seeks the counsel of the confessional monk, played by “Weird Al” Yankovic. What’s weird about Al in this role is his missing trademark hairdo.


Back at the castle, King Richard still intends to kill Galavant in front of Queen Madalena and present to her the jewel of Valencia.

The queen has grown weary of her inept husband and staff and hatches a plan of her own. The chef lets it slip that he is preparing a meal for a meeting. She knows Richard is hiding something and makes a deal with the chef, who is somewhat close to the king. The queen knows the chef is enamored with her hand maiden Gwen. Madalena will authorize a romantic dinner for the pair in exchange for information about the king’s secret meeting.

Presumably on the advice of the monk, Princess Isabella goes alone to King Richard to tell him their deal is off. The king may have the jewel but she will not lead Galavant into the trap. The king is not amused and threatens to kill her parents “for realsies” this time if the knight isn’t brought to the castle.

Disheartened, the princess returns to the castle with Galavant and Sid in tow, the three of them disguised as monks. The monks will be performing, and during their show the trio intend to roam the castle to find Madalena and the King and Queen of Valencia. Their plan falls through when King Richard seizes them and throws them in the dungeon. Before imprisoning them, King Richard tells Galavant about Princess Isabella’s betrayal. She was working for him all this time to bring Gal to him in exchange for the release of her parents.

In the dungeon the princess apologizes to Galavant. He tells her there were several opportunities for her to tell him the truth. I really wish Isabella told him that she tried to tell him, but he wasn’t listening. She never defends herself, and allows the knight to believe she never once tried to come clean. The guards fit him with a black hood before taking him away to be executed. Once on the gallows, the hood is removed to reveal that the chef has taken Galavant’s place.

Queen Madalena took over the dinner promised for Gwen and the chef, with Galavant her honored guest. The knight professes his love to the queen, but the only thing she seems to love is her lifestyle and power. Galavant realizes the queen never wanted to be rescued, and only sees him as her medieval boy toy. In fact, Madalena didn’t know Galavant was coming to the castle until that day. She tells her former love that she has written to someone who can help her with her plan to stay queen.

Queen Madalena returns Gal to the dungeon and orders Gareth to cut Isabella’s face and torture the others. As he is loyal to the king and accepts orders only from him, Gareth finds himself unable to comply with the queen’s demands.

King Richard cannot figure out why he is the way he is. He is always second to someone else and a pushover. A trip to visit Xanax the Magician (played by Ricky Gervais) helps him to see why. Through a concoction created by Xanax and a magic portal, the king and chef time travel back to the day King Richard’s father died.

The successor must take possession of the royal sword. Kingsley, Richard’s older brother, refuses to accept the sword, and would rather life a life of adventure than rule the kingdom. Just as Richard (known as “Dickie” as a child) reaches for the sword’s hilt, his older brother swoops in to grab the weapon, changing his mind.

Young Richard is humiliated, and older Richard realizes that he hides his feelings and he has allowed himself to be second choice since childhood. With renewed bravado, he vows to return to the castle and reclaim his kingdom. He barges into his home, breaks up with queen, and orders Gareth to take the queen to the dungeon forever. The queen tells him that would be rude considering their company. Madalena sent a letter by carrier pigeon, summoning Kingsley, who has arrived to take Richard’s lifestyle, and his life if Dickie dares to interfere.

Galavant-Rutger Hauer

A lot happened during this week’s episodes of “Galavant.” I have questions about the successor. How did Richard become king after his older brother changed his mind and accepted the honor? I hope this is explained next week. What is the queen’s plan? We were introduced to the Kingsley character, played by the incomparable Rutger Hauer, late in the game. I can’t wait to see what chaos he brings. Stay tuned for next week’s final two episodes.

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