Sleepy Hollow S02 E11: Akeda


I have to say that I’m really enjoying this season of “Sleepy Hollow.” You never know what mischief Henry will start and I look forward to seeing the ‘Monster of the Week,’ but what I enjoy the most is learning the backstory of each character. In last week’s episode, we saw how close Abraham and Ichabod were until Katrina messed it up. Ichabod and Abbie now have a magic sword, but will they have a chance to use it?


Ichabod and Abbie race against time and traffic to reach Katrina. Nothing can stop them. They have the sword and GPS. Even during the apocalypse car trouble happens and Abbie and Ichabod are forced to use a nearby motorcycle. Ichabod’s telling Abbie that he wants one as soon as the apocalypse is over was a laugh out loud moment that makes this show worth watching.


At Abraham’s mansion, Ichabod and Abbie interrupt Abraham’s binding ritual with Katrina. Abraham is in love with Katrina. That was his only crime. He loved too much, but he also loves his friend Ichabod. Now I’ve been saying all along that Katrina caused these two childhood friends to become mortal enemies and I always said that she still had feeling for Abraham, well, the witchy lady revealed her true feelings tonight to Abraham and Ichabod overhears this. Ichabod tries to make excuses for his wife, but Abbie knows. Women always know.

Methuselah’s Sword

The good news is that Ichabod has the sword that can kill Abraham, Henry and Moloch. The bad news is whoever uses the sword will also die. I guess that’s what you call a double edged sword. When Ichabod holds the sword to Abraham’s neck to find out where Moloch is, Katrina once again show her alliance to the horseman. They need to find someone without a soul and go looking for Irving. If you remember, Henry has stolen Irving’s soul so Irving is the only one who can kill demons. Irving wants his wife and daughter taken care of if anything happens to him. There are lots of demons who can cross over during the apocalypse and Team Ichabod needs special weapons and more men.


I was wondering when I was going to see our little stud muffin, Nick Hawley. When Abbie and the others find him at the bar, he’s a bit skeptical that the apocalypse has begun. The bloody hail storm changes his mind. How come no one else in this town notices all the crazy stuff going on? Nick is left to babysit Abraham while our team goes to war. I was hoping to see more of Nick… sigh.


Irving does get to fight Henry who is wearing his spiffy armor, but I was surprised that Henry didn’t die when Irving plunged the sword into his breastplate. The armor died, but not Henry. Don’t ask. I’m still trying to figure this one out. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about Irving. I’m really upset that Irving died. Abbie and the team make a pledge to kill Moloch and Henry.


Ichabod finally tells Katrina off. It’s about time. She’s told too many lies and I think that conversation that Ichabod overheard between her and Abraham finally opened his eyes. It’s too bad that Ichabod didn’t keep that anger for Henry who captures the team for Moloch.

Henry has issues. He has never forgiven his parents, especially Katrina of abandoning him. The fool put his trust in Moloch and called him father. It was a wakeup call for Henry when he realized that Moloch also lacked in parental skills.

Henry explains that the title of tonight’s episode, “Akeda,” was about the binding story of the biblical Abraham and his son Isaac. Abraham was told by God to bind and sacrifice his son, and that is what Abraham planned to do without hesitation until the last minute when God stopped him. What I didn’t know, until Henry mentioned it was that Isaac never forgave his father for this horrid act, and in fact, does not come down from Mount Moriah with Abraham. I checked it out and Henry was right.


I guess Henry was pissed off with both his fathers, but he used his sword to kill Moloch. He’s lost his faith in men and gods. Tonight’s episode was fitting for the mid-season finale, but my little sleepy heads don’t be sad; “Sleepy Hollow” returns in January with new episodes.

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