The Big Bang Theory – The Fate of Debbie Wolowitz

Carol Ann Susi

Recently “The Big Bang Theory” lost a cast member. Carol Ann Susi, who played Howard’s mother, Debbie Wolowitz, passed away at the age of 62. Although she was seldom seen on the show, her character was brought to life through her recognizable voice.  In light of the tragic death of a beloved actress, I thought about different directions the show could take.  More after the jump.

One option is to continue with the Mrs. Wolowitz character. This wouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish, since Melissa Rauch, who plays Howard’s wife Bernadette, can do a spot-on imitation of Mrs. Wolowitz. In fact, some fans believed Rauch played both roles.

Susi’s passing could be written into the storyline. Howard would have to come to grips with something he jokingly alluded to on many occasions, the death of his mother. A new character could be introduced to continue Howard’s torment, perhaps an overbearing aunt who rivals her sister in terms of neediness and possesses a similar grating voice.

Perhaps Mrs. Wolowitz left her caretaker and new BFF Stuart enough money to rebuild his beloved comic book store. Stuart came to live with Mrs. Wolowitz after he had no place to go when his home/business burned down last season.

As for Howard, to further gall him with her close relationship with Stuart, maybe Deb left him a whole lot of nothing, save for her brisket recipe. Her estate passing entirely to Stuart would exacerbate the tension already existing between the men in her life. Howard could be left something, even a pittance, but with some sort of weird stipulation attached to keep him under his mother’s thumb even after her death. Mrs. Wolowitz may have a condition along the lines of visiting her grave every week in order to receive his inheritance.

These are just a couple thoughts on potential storylines. However the show continues, Carol Ann Susi’s presence will be missed.

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  1. I didn’t know the woman who did Mrs. Wolowitz died…bummer. Even though we never saw her, she reminded me of one of my aunts. I like your ideas on how they should continue the show without her. Great Post

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