Sleepy Hollow S02 E08: Heartless



Oh how I enjoy a delightfully wicked monster, and on last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” Katrina almost gave birth to one thanks to Henry. This week, Ichabod and Abbie have a succubus on their hands and she’s one determined and deadly minx.  More, after the jump. 


Oh yes indeed, even a 200 year old couple can get hooked on drama. Ichabod and Katrina are watching reality TV but the drama on television is nothing compared to the talk that they should have had a long time ago. Katrina’s been keeping one too many secrets and Ichabod isn’t happy. Abbie tells our star crossed lovers that “Housewives” and “Duck Dynasty” will have to take a back seat when a call comes in. Abby also tries to explain to our colonial stud muffin that people change in a marriage. Ichabod has to allow Katrina to evolve.


You’ve got to love Henry. He spends every episode cooking up a new monster of the week. This week’s nasty is a succubus (Caroline Ford) and she is busy collecting the life force of unsuspecting victims; leaving a dried up husk behind. But, this is not your run of the mill succubus. Henry has pulled up an ‘incordata.’ He has her heart and controls her. He’s collecting the life force she’s taken and feeding it to someone… who?


Henry has not only angered Moloch but Abraham who wants Katrina back with him. Henry better watch out because Abraham will kill him if necessary, especially if it means he’ll get Katrina. We haven’t really been seeing too much of Abraham (Neil Jackson) this season and that’s a shame because he is such a complex character.


While Abbie, Ichabod and the very handsome Nick Hawley try to figure out what they are dealing with, Katrina is having post-partum visions that concerns a cradle at Abraham’s estate. After the succubus almost kills Hawley, Abbie figures out how the woman is getting the people to go with her. The creature is using her victims’ hidden desires to lure them to her.


I love when Ichabod is in the moment. He’s learning all about our modern world and how to use the free and neutral internet. I had to get that in. He still has a problem with smartphones and I wouldn’t trust him to drive a car, but his understanding of why a marriage should be allowed to evolve is getting better. He may use old fashioned terms like ‘macking,’ but in the end a rose is a rose is a rose. When Ichabod realizes that Hawley might have feelings for Abbie, I’m left to wonder if Ichabod is jealous.



I love the monsters of the week, but alas, they never hang around long enough for us to really get to know them. Maybe Henry can lend me that catalog that he uses to order up his demonic sidekicks. It would come in handy for the next Halloween bash.

Katrina had to resort to her witchypoo powers to track down the location of the heart in order to weaken the succubus, but in the end it was Abbie who destroyed it. Ichabod and Hawley wind up saving each other from the succubus and Ichabod finally asks Hawley what his intentions are for Abbie… so maybe Ichabod is acting like a big brother and not a jealous boyfriend.

Speaking of Hawley, I must thank the person responsible for writing that part in the script where Matt Barr takes off his shirt and flexes his muscles. There are a lot of happy sleepy heads out there tonight.


Katrina and Ichabod still hold on to the possibility that they can save Henry. Abbie disagrees and so do I. Katrina tells Abbie that she’s going back to Abraham in order to kill the monster baby that Henry has managed to save. In a scene taken right from Rosemary’s Baby, Katrina’s plans change when she looks upon the human baby in the crib; her baby.

Did you expect a demon child? When the devil drops in, it’s never as the beast, but something you desire. I guess we’ll have to chip in for a baby gift after all. See you next week, my little sleepy heads. I’m going to dream of Hawley.

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  1. Just catching up on the series, but I always save your posts in my email so I can refer back to them after I’ve watched an episode. Really liked this one – the succubus was awesome!

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