American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E04: Edward Mordrake, Part 2


I don’t like two-faced people. You can’t trust them. They tell you one thing and then lie, but on last week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” Edward Mordrake allowed my favorite character, Ethel (Kathy Bates) to live, even if it’s only short term. Edward still needs a sacrifice and I’m hoping he takes that looney tune, Dandy, with him. Follow me my little lot lice and see what’s happening under the big tent tonight.

The Interrogation

Mordrake (Wes Bentley) slips into each tent like a ghostly phantom in a sea of green mist to interrogate each sideshow freak about their pathetic lives. He wants to hear their tales, their pain, and their sins. Their stories aren’t pretty; most of them born in poverty; all of them abandoned by society.


Mordrake gives no mercy, asking questions until the performers in the sideshow confess. Seal boy (Mat Fraser) tells of his dirty deeds to survive as does Legless Suzi (Rose Siggins). Pepper (Naomi Grossman) and her friend are considered too innocent to question. They are left to dance and play the night away. Satisfied that they are not “the one” by Mordrake’s confidant; the deformed second face, Mordrake enters Elsa’s tent.

Elsa’s Story

Elsa isn’t afraid of the angel of death that enters her tent unannounced. Hell no! She calmly asks if he wants to be her manager. She has plans on making it big in show business, but her glib attempt to seduce and bedazzle Mordrake fails, and she is forced to tell her secrets.


During the second war and while the Nazi’s occupied France, Elsa worked as the star of a house of ill-repute. She had legs back then. She was a star and soldiers interested in their own version of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” lined up outside the brothel to be degraded, beaten and used as toys by Elsa. Welcome to the world of S & M. One day a film crew arrived. Would she finally become a film star? Sadly, Elsa had the misfortune of meeting people who were more interested in dealing out pain. Elsa was drugged only to awake, legless and near death. The sawing off of her legs; filmed. Her story is told and Elsa awaits her death at Mordrake’s hand.

Jessica Lange’s character, although in charge, has taken a back seat to the storyline and allowed us to focus on the other performers. But, in tonight’s episode, we sit back and learn that Elsa wasn’t that nice of a person to begin with and her reasons for running the sideshow were selfish. She became a freak at the hands of some cruel men, and to appear normal, she surrounds herself with freaks. It is a tribute to Jessica Lange’s mesmerizing talent that makes us feel pity for the conniving, Elsa.


Jimmy and Maggie are forced to walk back to the sideshow when Jimmy’s motorcycle runs out of gas. Maggie’s mistrust of Jimmy brings him to question how good a fortune teller she really is. While this bit of give and take is going on, one of Twisty’s prisoners makes a break for it.

Her recapture by Twisty is witnessed by Jimmy and Maggie. Jimmy bless his heart wants to save the girl, but unfortunately, Dandy (Finn Wittrock) shows up and knocks both rescuers unconscious before they can save the girl. Maggie becomes part of Dandy’s show and he plans to saw her in half. Jimmy and the three kids are forced to watch as Twisty pounds out a tune of a toy piano.


It’s Twisty music that saves Elsa’s life. Mordrake forgets all about Elsa as he is pulled towards the school bus, but before he arrives on the scene, Jimmy is able to free the others. Maggie and the kids take off with Dandy close behind and, Jimmy witnesses Twisty’s judgment at the hands of Mordrake.


“Tell me your story,” Mordrake commands and we learn that Twisty wasn’t always a killer; simple minded and gullible, yes. The only job available for someone like Twisty was playing the part of the clown. Children loved him and he loved them. But, the other performers in the circus were jealous, and so, they started rumors that Twisty liked children a little too much. Without a means to support himself, he decides to take his life. Twisty is a bad shot and hence his disfigured face…but what about the killings? Mordrake wants to know why Twisty took to killing.

I was more curious as to why Twisty hadn’t killed his young captives. He forgot to feed them, but he never tortured them. It was Dandy who wanted to hurt them. Twisty tells Mordrake that he was protecting the children from the freaks and from their parents. Mordrake has found his sacrifice. Twisty’s soul joins Mordrake and the other dead freaks. His face no longer scarred, Twisty is happy again. Mordrake leads all the souls away and back into the green mist. Don’t worry, they’ll all be back if someone breaks the rules about performing on Halloween.


With the killings solved and the missing returned to the town, all is well in Jupiter. The townsfolk feel safe, the carneys feel appreciated. Everyone is happy…right? Dandy isn’t happy. He finds Twisty’s body. You know who else isn’t happy…me. I never got to hear Dora (Patti LaBelle) sing. Dandy is wearing Twisty’s mask and his persona. We’re in big trouble.

Have a Happy Halloween, my little lot lice, but play it safe. Not all the psycho’s wear a mask.

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