The Walking Dead S05 E03: Four Walls and a Roof


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” we met with Pastor Gabriel, Church Lady Walker and her Wet and Wild zombie brigade, but we’re still left with a lot of unanswered questions, like: what’s Gabriel’s secret; is Beth alive; can Eugene really save the world, and will Gareth have another barbeque? If you go, bring dessert.

Happy Meal

While the walkers are beating on the school window, angry that they weren’t invited to Gareth’s barbeque, Gareth (Andrew J. West) goes all philosophical on Bob. I’m guessing that Gareth’s pre-apocalypse job was as a nerdy manager for a fast food chain or a Starbucks. Yes, Gareth is articulate, but he’s an opportunist who isn’t shy about eating his way to the top.

Have you ever noticed how bad men always have a good reason for their inhumanity: the poor want to be poor; we don’t want immigrants coming into our country; bears eat their cubs; we had to devolve to survive; the devil made me do it; blah, blah, blah. Gareth is acting all high and mighty and brags about his plan to make Carol his next meal. It can’t just be the apocalypse that caused Gareth to go primal. He had to be a nut job from the start.


We’ve all heard that old adage that revenge is a dish best served cold, right? Well Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) serves up his revenge with a side dish. It was awesome to watch the panic on Gareth’s face and to watch him and his fellow cannibals get crazy when they realized that Bob was tainted meat. Now, we know why Bob left the church. I was surprised that Bob was returned to the church and not killed.


I don’t understand Sgt. Abe’s urgent need to leave in the middle of the night and his demanding that Glenn and Maggie join him. Why can’t he wait until daybreak, and why are Maggie and Glenn agreeing to leave the group? Do they have that much faith in Eugene’s claim that he can stop the apocalypse? If there is a cure for this apocalypse, why hasn’t someone used it already? I can’t believe Eugene holds the key to saving the world. Rick talks Abraham into giving him twelve hours. A lot can happen in 12 hours and Team Rick has to prepare for Gareth’s attack.


Sasha’s question to Pastor Gabriel, “What did you do?” finally gets the secretive man to open up and confess. He locked the church doors every night; routine and we get it, but then the apocalypse happened. When Gabriel’s parishioners ran to that church for sanctuary; he did not open the doors. This act, to me, is much worse than what Gareth has done.


Gareth had reverted to his primal self; eat or be eaten. We don’t know much about Gareth’s past except that he went a bit bonkers after some bad people took over Terminus. But, Gabriel betrayed a sacred vow to God and the very people who depended on him for their spiritual needs. He heard his parishioners crying out for him to open those doors and he put his safety first; an abomination. I would not trust my life with this man; once a coward, always a coward.


Gareth and his men were comfortable being on the top of the food chain. They didn’t count on Rick being a man of his word. Remember Rick’s vow to use Gareth’s machete to kill him? Don’t piss off Rick. Gareth entered that church thinking he was the conqueror. He was mistaken and it cost him his life. I have to mention Baby Judith in tonight’s episode. This child has been taught to not cry out; to go against the norm of what small babies do; make noise. She remained silent, watching her brother for clues. Children learn fast and I have an idea that Judith will survive. She is a new species of childhood.


Bob’s death was sad and we will miss this loner who became part of Rick’s extended family. Tyreese had to forgive a lot of stuff since the apocalypse and he gave Sasha great advice about spending time with Bob while she had the chance. When the time came, it was Tyreese, the gentle giant, who set Bob’s soul free. “Nightmares end, but they shouldn’t end who you are.” Goodbye Bob. We’ll miss you.


Poor Pastor Gabriel is shocked by the massacre in the church and believes the bloodshed has changed a holy place into nothing more than four walls and a roof. The good priest is correct, but it was changed when he refused to open the doors to his people.


Maggie and Glenn have shocked us by leaving with Abraham’s team. Why would they abandon their friends? I’m very confused. On the bright side, Michonne has been reunited with her katana and the archer has returned, but who has Daryl brought back with him?

See you next week, my little zombie snacks, and here is a question to chew on. Do you think the walkers will evolve; become a new species? I await your thoughts.

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