The Ben Affleck Batman


There is so much controversy over just some simple casting. You would have thought a comedian had been cast as the Dark Knight. Just like in 1989. Like it or not, Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. See images new and old, after the jump.

Ben Affleck as Batman, shot from new Batman vs Superman film

Affleck is seen above in the first Batman image of the film with the Batmobile in what was ridiculed across the internet as the ‘sad Batman’ pic. I like it. I like Affleck as Batman, but then again I’m probably one of the few folks who thought he was good in Daredevil too. I dig the Bat-costume here, and I also like the Batmobile that thankfully doesn’t look like a tank, at least not yet.


And then there’s this image that showed up last night, carefully hidden in a montage wall celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary at the San Diego Comic-Con last night. Again, I like it. Ben Affleck is going to make a great Batman.


Annnnnnd then there’s this. I think the less said about director Zack Snyder’s Tweet with this pic of Henry Cavill as Jedi Superman, the better…


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