Defiance S02 E06: This Woman’s Work


Amanda’s hooked on drugs and Stahma rules the roost, but not everyone is happy with her liberated way of thinking. Our Castithan Vixen might have bigger problems than Datak and Rafe joining forces. Nolan and Pottinger are investigating an alien ship that has crashed in the badlands. What do they find? Strap on your cold fire weapon and follow me to Defiance.

Favi Kurr

Stahma has a little problem. There is a holy man in town and he isn’t happy about a mere woman forgetting her place. He wants Stahma tortured for shaming her husband. Some stupidity never goes away and the women in future times still suffer the small mindedness of little men.


Stahma suspects Datak behind the ravings of the holy man, but Datak denies it. I watched Favi’s wife while he was going postal on Stahma, and I’m not sure that she’s ready to send her ‘holier than thou’ husband packing. Stahma seeks advice from Amanda and they talk about culture, men and dicks. It’s time to burn your bra! Will Stahma take Amanda’s advice and start her own women’s equality movement?


Viceroy Mercado (William Atherton) sends Pottinger on a mission to secure the ark and the secret cargo. While Pottinger is off on a scavenger hunt, Mercado reveals his kinky side by asking Amanda for a place to shed his skin. I have no idea what the hell he’s talking about, but it sounds kinky.

Defiance - Season 2

If have to say this about Pottinger (James Murray), he knows when to step down and let a better man lead the search. Nolan knows what he’s doing and he knows who not to trust and right now… he doesn’t trust Tommy. There’s an argument and Tommy (Dewshane Williams) quits. No problem. Berlin was looking for any reason to get Tommy as far away from Irisa as possible. She’s looking for a love nest in Texas.

While Nolan splits up the Pottinger’s soldiers into teams of five, we learn that Pottinger has a close relationship with Churchill (Rob Archer), the bio man aka body guard. This relationship is as close to a friendship as Pottinger is emotionally able to give to anyone and the bio man is just as protective of his human friend. Nolan was surprised to learn the real interest in the fallen ark. It holds containers of Gulanee aliens. These are energy creatures that must wear special containment suits to move about and survive Earth’s atmosphere. They are very rare. One escapes and it doesn’t know the war with humans is over. Can Nolan save the day?


Irisa’s Secret

Looking like the vampire from The Strain, Irisa is discovered by Tommy while she is sticking a disgusting appendage down an unfortunate Castithan’s throat. “He won’t die,” Irisa claims, but Tommy’s not so positive. Want to know what else he’s not so sure about? I think he still has feelings for Irisa. Where does that leave Berlin?


This episode had a few shockers and some were real eye openers. Stahma’s failure to start her own bra burning liberation party forces her to go against the ‘Sisters’ with the help of a poison drink. I love Stahma. Only Stahma is capable of killing off a room full of women and laying the blame at the holy man’s feet. While Favi Kurr is stretched like a bungee cord as punishment for the murders, Stahma sends a message to Datak and all Castithan males by dropping the heaviest rock into the basket. “I’ve come a long way, baby!” Yes you did, Stahma.


Pottinger and Nolan are able to destroy the Gulanee with the use of a car battery and a kick ass beating with a pipe. Pottinger was really upset over the loss of his friend, Churchill. I was surprised that Pottinger was able to share his loss with Nolan. Mercado isn’t happy about the death of the Gulanee and tells Pottinger that he’s shipping him out to Dakota. Berlin and Nolan get it on after Tommy choses Irisa.

Treasure Doll teaches Christie’s how to become more Castithan. I’m guessing you want to know about Viceroy Mercado, right? He’s into cosplay and right now he’s dressed as a Castithan male making the rounds at the local club. There is a cutie pie at the table and he buys her a drink… wait a minute… is that Christie?

Like I said, my little Votans, this episode was a real eye opener and something to tweet about until next week. Oh, and by the way, you might want to steer clear of Irisa.


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