Bates Motel S02 E08: Meltdown


Norma, so sure of her control over Norman, is shocked when her youngest gives her a taste of teenage A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. Welcome to the real world of teenagers and their angst, Norma. On last week’s episode, Norman learns that mother is keeping secrets and he’s not a happy camper. Norman may have gotten a “get out of jail” card from the sheriff, but that was before the DNA results came in. Poor Dylan is in danger and Zane is out of control. Will Norman be arrested for Miss Watson’s murder? One never knows with the Bates.

Sons, part one

Norman is doing his own thing and Norma is thrown off kilter by this. She wants to go to the movies with her youngest, but he’s giving her the cold shoulder and “The Look.” Every parent with a teenager knows that look, but in this case; I can’t really blame the kid. Norma won’t tell Norman about his blackouts. She’s keeping secrets, not playing by the rules. Norman decides to make up his own rules.


Nick Ford tells Norma he needs to speak with Dylan, but Norma has been on the outs with her older son and doesn’t know where to find him. Norma goes to the only person who knows all the town’s dirty secrets, Emma. I love this kid. She knows everything and takes Norma to the warehouse. Norma drops in on Dylan at his job, and the look of disbelief on Remo’s and the other hoodlums’ faces was priceless. Only Norma could get away with visiting her son’s drug hangout.


Deputy Patty Lin (Agam Darshi) has evidence that proves Norman had sex with the teacher, but Romero flips her off. He actually threatens the deputy to keep quiet. They already have a man on trial for that case, but Romero wants to make sure that he has the right man. With the excuse that he needs his shower curtain fixed, Romero gets Norman alone and carefully questions Norman about Miss Watson. Raise of hands on how many of you thought that Norman would attack Romero with the screwdriver?


Romero is also looking for Dylan about what happened at Nick Ford’s place. Thanks to Zane’s attack on Ford’s men, everyone is looking for Dylan, even Nick Ford. Nick Ford wants Zane dead and he wants Dylan to do the job. Why not do it himself? Nick’s request doesn’t make sense unless Nick Ford is getting even with Norma for throwing him out of her house. Yes, Norma threw a mob man out of her house after he questioned her about Dylan’s whereabouts. Not smart Norma especially since Ford helped her with the bypass and the seat on the town council. This man makes offers you can’t refuse; not if you want to live.

When George asks Norma out on a date, she says yes. This man is a keeper! George is cute, he has money, cooks and loves jazz, but Norma is caught in a lie. When you tell a fib, you always get caught and Norma has built this fantasy persona for herself. After revealing that she’s from the wrong side of the track, she runs away.


Sons, part two

Norman is doing everything he can to aggravate his mother including decorating the home with his dead animals and watching a movie without her. Norma wasn’t expecting Norman to lock her out of his bedroom. I don’t think Norma will ever get complete control over Norman again. He’s changed. When Romero approaches Norman a second time that night about Miss Watson and the DNA result, you see the fear and confusion in Norman’s eyes. So does Romero. I think Romero really wants to help Norman. Romero feels that Norman was a victim of Miss Watson’s sexual abuse.

Dylan has to do something about Zane and do it quick. Ford is angry and he means business. He tells Dylan to kill Zane. When Dylan goes to Jodi for help, she surprises him with her answer. There is no love lost between Zane and Jodi.



I checked out the movie that Norma wanted to watch with Norman. It’s called Double Indemnity, a 1944 movie about murder and insurance fraud. It seemed fitting considering that Norma has dragged her sons into a labyrinth of intrigue and danger with her half-truths and secrets, and now both Dylan’s and Norman’s lives are in danger. Dylan doesn’t trust his mother. She’s lied too many times. When he goes to Jodi for help, she surprises him with her solution. Zane is a liability to be dealt with.

While Norma is snuggling with George, yes she went back to George after arguing with her teenage son, Norman was kidnapped. Norma will learn the hard way that mobsters don’t take no for an answer and, when you make a deal with the devil; you’re in for the long haul.

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