Bates Motel S01 E07: Presumed Innocent



Norman is in serious trouble. On last week’s episode, he lost control of his temper and now someone is dead. Norma is now part of the town council, but it might be a set up. Will Norman get away with murder? Will Norma run for Mayor? Will Dylan survive Zane’s revenge? Will Sheriff Romero figure out who killed the teacher? In White Pine Bay, one never knows. Meet me at the jail.


Norma is introducing herself to her new office at city hall, but the joy of politics doesn’t last long before Sheriff Romero drops by to tell her about her son. He’s in custody. Norma is in shock and Norman is scared. He is out of his element and away from mother’s protection. He keeps repeating to anyone who will listen that it was an accident. He didn’t mean to kill Cody’s dad. But, the officers have heard this exact song and dance from a multitude of people before him. As Deputy Lynn does the forensics, fingerprints and mug shots on Norman, the boy is shaking with fear.


While Norman is processed into the system and questioned, Norma is pacing the waiting room of the jail like a wild tiger. We know why. She hasn’t had a chance to prep Norman on what to say. When she sees Cody heading for the bathroom, Norma follows the girl. It’s a big mistake. Cody gets suspicious when Norma tells her not to mention Norman’s blackouts. That’s the big question of the night. Why is Norma so frazzled over Norman’s blackouts? What does she know?

Norma gets a few moments with her son and repeats the warning, “Don’t mention the blackouts.” But, Norman wants to know why and so do we. Are these blackouts connected to an event witnessed by toddler Norman in last week’s episode? Did you forget that scene with a very young Norman hiding in a closet with Norma? Who were they hiding from?


When the Sheriff needs to do another interview with Norman, he asks the boy if he wants his mother in the room and Norman shocks Norma and us viewers by saying, “No!” I think Sheriff Romero really likes Norma. There is none of his cockiness from season one and he is going out of his way to get Norman back home, even snapping at his deputy for sending out the forensic evidence instead of doing it in-house. The Sheriff sends Norman home feeling that the boy was telling the truth about the incident. Later the forensic results come back.


Zane is not only a knucklehead, but the worse type of criminal. He acts on impulse and endangers the lives of those around him. You would think he learned his lesson after Dylan saved him from a drive-by shooting, but no. Word is out that Dylan slept with the big boss, Jodi Wilson. Remo teases and wants details and Zane fumes.


Zane knows that Dylan has been given the job of babysitting him. He hires a few more men to add to his posse and this makes Dylan suspicious. What is Zane up to? Dylan is left unconscious on the road after he tries to talk Zane out of robbing Nick Ford’s warehouse. I don’t think Zane is going to be around too much longer.


Although this episode covered all the main stars, it was really about Norman and how he was dealing with his anger issues and the fact that he killed Cody’s father. He really cares for Cody and because of him; she has to move to Indiana. Already upset that Cody is leaving, Norman is determined to find out about the blackouts, but when he asks Norma, she refuses to tell him.


This time Norma has gone too far. She should have told her son the truth.  What happened in his childhood to make him so strange? Norman is fighting the hold his mother has over him and we are left with several questions. What does Norma know about Norman’s blackouts, and how will she protect her son now that the test results are back, and show that Norman had sex with Miss Watson? Tonight’s show gave us a peek into a pair of troubled minds, Zane’s and Norman’s, but only one is innocent of malice.

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