The Walking Dead S04 E11: Claimed

Michonne & Rick ep 11

Last week’s episode was kick ass awesome! Team Prison, although ragged, hungry and chased by walkers, is still alive. Ninja Carol is back and baby Judith is alive and looking cute as a bunny thanks to Tyreese, but, they’re still not out of the woods yet. Speaking of bunnies, I would think twice before leaving Lizzie alone with babies or pets; she’s bad news. Glenn has forgiven Tara for backing the wrong horse and Sgt. Abraham Ford wants to save the world? Can he? Find out after the jump.

Playing House

Michonne, Rick and Carl are making a temporary home for themselves. When Michonne asks Rick, “What’s the plan? Do we stay or do we go?” You can feel the sparks fly between them. So is Michonne ready to play June Cleaver? Michonne wants crazy cheese and to be normal again. Did Rick, Michonne and Carl found sanctuary in suburbia?

There is an easy give and take between Carl and Michonne. Michonne is like an older sister. They laugh and joke around with each other and Michonne is different; more relaxed. While searching for supplies, she tells Carl about her toddler son, Andre Anthony. Michonne is like an onion. Every layer that is peeled away reveals more about her, like the fact that she appreciates good art.


Mullet Man

I don’t know how to take Sgt. Abraham Ford (Michael Cuditz), but “Son of a dick,” I like the way he talks. Tara and Glenn have found themselves with a strange bunch alright. While Sgt. Ford tries to enlist Glenn into the army, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) the mullet sporting scientist wants to go to Washington DC and tell them the big secret; he kills the truck instead.

Eugene knows what caused the apocalypse, or so he says. Who cares what caused it, can he stop it? I don’t think Eugene’s really a scientist, but Sgt. ‘I want to save the world’ Ford does and tells Glenn and Tara that Eugene needs to get to the Capitol. Ha! With our do nothing Congress, Eugene is better off with the zombies.

Glenn & Sgt. Ford 411

We went from brutal Governor to a soldier right out of the sitcom Sgt. Bilko. Glenn wants nothing to do with this rag tag army and decks Sgt. Ford. Don’t mess around with Glenn when he’s on a mission. Surprisingly, when Glenn walks off to look for Maggie, the others follow close behind. If nothing else, Sgt. Abraham Ford, and Eugene the mullet man will make the remainder of season 4 very interesting. The big question on Tara’s mind is why does Sgt. Ford smile when killing walkers? Why wouldn’t he smile? I would.

Uninvited Guests

Poor Rick. He can’t even catch a few winks without trouble kicking in the doors. It was a very tense situation watching Rick hiding under the bed from the intruders. Was that one man dead or just knocked out? Sometimes, the survivors are scarier than the dead.


Conclusion and Survival Pointers

You can still find bad food during the apocalypse. I’m talking crazy cheese. It’ll kill you faster than walkers. Rick is quick to kill when the occasion arises. Rick, Michonne and Carl are on the run again, thanks to the intruders, and are heading towards Terminus. I wonder if Carol and Tyreese are there. How will Rick handle that? I just hope they’re not heading into another Woodbury? I really loved the way Michonne opened up and connected with Carl. She’s protecting him from horrors that should remain hidden, like what was in that pink room. Glenn is a man in love and he won’t give up on Maggie, and Sgt. Ford wants to save the world. Can he?

Did you know that Andrew Lincoln does his own stunts? Yes, he does. What do you do when you don’t have traditional weapons and you’re about to be part of a zombie smorgasbord? You make do with what you have. Clawed hammers make for a fine weapon as will a metal pipe, 4×4 hunk of wood, or even a sharpened shelving bracket. Improvise and survive and hope to see you next week, my little zombie snacks.

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