February Faves: Gina K’s Favourite Movie Marathons

Ready, Set, Sweatpants!


With the invention of Netflix, the magic of Movie Marathons seems like child’s play considering you can watch an entire season of “Breaking Bad” before work starts again on Monday. That aside, let’s try to remember a time when movies were magical, and the Marathon-bragging rights were totally worth the turmoil your stomach is about to embark on. After the jump, Gina K’s favourite movie marathons!

5 – The Godfather… you have to do this at least once.


4 – Lord Of The Rings… nine hours of Hobbits and Gandalf? Yes, please.


3 – Harry Potter… keeping with the wizard theme here.

2 – James Bond… this will cost you about two days, but really… it’s Bond… James Bond.

1 – Star Wars… come on, were you really surprised?


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