Biff Bam Pop’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide – Think Of The Children + Giveaway

So far, throughout our Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve been focusing on gifts for the geeks and pop culture aficionados. But we simply can’t forget the children, whether it be our own or the ones in our lives. On that note, here are a few recommendations that will make the little ones in your life pretty pleased.

MathildaMathilda – this legitimate classic from Sony and author Roald Dahl has recently been reissued on Blu-ray, and is definitely worth investing in for your children. Starring Mara Wilson, Rhea Pearlman and Danny DeVito, who also directed, this 1996 film about a young girl with telekinetic powers and the adventures she gets into. Quirky and funny, the film has stood the test of time and will definitely be enjoyed by kids 6 and up. And adults, don’t worry – you’ll get a kick out of it too.

AngryBirdsToons_S1V1_DVDAngry Birds Toons Season 1 – That’s right, there’s actually an Angry Birds animated series. My daughter really, really likes this when it’s on the tv, and I’m guessing any kid that’s even remotely familiar with the games will also get a kick out of it. The shorts are quick and simple, good for a brief hit if your little one is looking for something to watch. I’m hoping for an Angry Birds Star Wars at some point – that would be a great addition to the series.

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Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary and Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia – here’s a confession. After introducing my daughter to the world of Star Wars thanks to our friends at DK, the two of us have really gotten into the whole Lego Star Wars world. I’m not sure who loves it more, me or her. Ok, that’s not entirely true. Lego Star Wars is so amazing for kids of any ages, including grown up ones such as myself. That being said, my little princess loves combing through the various Lego Star Wars books we on her shelf. Though they’ve been around for a few years, both the Visual Dictionary and Character Encyclopedia are awesome books to flip through, as they chronicle the amazing sets Lego has put out over the years, and the mini-figures that have captured the likenesses of so many Star Wars characters. While these aren’t storybooks, they are definitely fun to sit and look at with your child before building a Desert Skiff of Escape Pod.

Whats The NewsBonus – since we’re talking kids here, we’ve got three What’s The News red, fleece scarves to giveaway to the first three people to post “What’s The News” on our Facebook page! What’s The News is Canada’s only news show where pre-schooler report!  The news comes from kids growing up in Canada’s many diverse communities from Thorncliffe Park in Toronto to Iqaluit in Canada’s far north.



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