Oh! The Inhumanity #1 On The Wednesday Run–December 4, 2013

Have you been reading the regular Infinity reviews over the last few months by Biff Bam Pop’s own Glenn Walker? You know, Infinity. Infinity? The B-I-G Marvel Comics event that just wrapped up last week with the final issue in the “mini-series”? (I use quotes because beyond the sic=x main Infinity books, there were tie-in books that brought the total chapter count to well over twenty.) Jeez, where have you been? Well, get caught up on the latest (and last) Infinity review by our pal Glenn, right here.

Now, I loved Infinity. To me, it ranks up there as one of the greatest event comics I’ve ever read. For those asking, DC’s 1985 series, Crisis On Infinite Earths is still the greatest of the great but Infinity ranks a solid second.

Still, Infinity ended the same way all of these recent “event” series seem to end: with a continuation into yet another “event” series! Oh, the Inhumanity!


Inhumanity 1 coverInhumanity #1

Written by: Matt Fraction

Illustrated by: Olivier Coipel

Published by: Marvel Comics

One of the “big bangs” in Infinity, both literally and figuratively, was the explosion of the Terrigen Bomb.

To quickly recap for all the handicapped readers out there (and believe me, I was one of them): the Terrigen Bomb was held safely in the hidden City of Attilan by its ruler, the hero Black Bolt and his race of Inhumans. The bomb itself has the ability to alter biology by activating latent genes, turning a human being into an Inhuman, an evolution-enhanced race of super-powered individuals – a people ruled by the Royal Family of Black Bolt.

Within the pages of Infinity, the Terrigen Bomb is activated as the City of Attilan is destroyed (read the series guys and gals – it’s amazing!) and people all over the world who have a latent Inhuman gene within them suddenly gain crazy super-powers! Instantly, we witness the potential making of new heroes and villains! More fodder for great stories and…new comic book series.

And that’s where Inhumanity #1 – a one-shot special – comes into focus. It’s a stopgap between what happened at the end of Infinity and the start of the new Inhuman monthly series in April of this coming year.

One of the main questions posed within the pages of Infinity (and connecting stories in Avengers and New Avengers) was whether Black Bolt wanted to detonate the Terrigen Bomb all along, using the threat of Thanos as an excuse to do so. Inhumanity #1 sets the stage with an Inhumans secret that will “shake the Marvel Universe to its core”! How do these Inhumans, new and old, fit into society? How will their powers shape their character and what will be the political fallout with the rise of this new, strong race? Where is Black Bolt in all this mayhem? You can bet that the fate of the Avengers will be tightly intertwined in this tale!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Inhumanity #1 and be ready for the coming rise of the Inhumans!

Every Wednesday, JP makes the after-work run to his local downtown comic book shop. Comics arrive on Wednesdays you see and JP, fearful that the latest issue will sell out, rushes out to purchase his copy. This regular, weekly column will highlight a particularly interesting release, written in short order, of course, because JP has to get his – before someone else does!

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