American Horror Story: Coven S03 E06: The Axeman Cometh

Misty, Zoe, Madison

Halloween at Miss Robichaux’s Academy was a big bust: what with the zombies trying to eat the candy and the students; Myrtle becoming a living Jack O’Lantern; Cordelia losing her eyesight. I hope the next holiday is a bit kinder to our little witches. One more thing, don’t let Spalding play with your toys. He’s not very careful with his dolls. I ask this every week. What’s next? Grab your broom and follow me.


Play Me Some Jazz

It’s 1919 and we learn where the Axeman of New Orleans (Danny Huston) got his start and how he comes to haunt Miss Robichaux’s Academy. He’s a serial killer and he loves jazz. Sounding like Philip Marlowe from a Raymond Chandler story, the Axeman sends a letter to the newspaper saying he won’t kill anyone who has jazz music playing in their homes. Not everyone’s afraid. The students at Miss Robichaux’s Academy are not only witches but Suffragettes and they don’t like jazz.  When Mr. Axeman enters the school, he gets an unexpected surprise.


Finding Madison

The girls, Nan, Zoe and Queenie are upset that Madison is still missing. So Zoe goes through Madison’s stuff and finds a hidden closet and a Ouija board. She coaxes Nan and Queenie into calling on the spirits to find Madison, but there is only one spirit who answers; Axeman. The girls learn that Axeman was killed by the witches attending the Academy those many years ago. Nan and Queenie back out of the game, but Zoe gets the Axeman to tell her where Madison is. Zoe finds Madison, then she and the girls torture Spalding to find out who killed Madison, but we all know that Spalding is not going to rat out his lady love. So, how do you tell your friend that she’s a little ripe? Zoe has just the perfect person to help Madison.



Home from the hospital, Cordelia is out of sorts. She may be blind, but she’s seeing everything a lot clearer, including her husband’s cheating ways and Fiona’s roasting Myrtle. Poor Cordelia, she’s such a good witch, but she’s stuck with some bad apples. And what about Cordelia’s slime bucket husband, Hank. Well it seems he’s working with the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. He’s a witch hunter and Marie wants heads, witches heads on a platter that is, and Hank better deliver them or else. We see Fiona in a clinic getting her chemo treatment. I guess even witches can’t escape the Big C. I was surprised to see her offering some helpful advice to a fellow patient.



I love when Misty does her mother earth goddess magic to the music of Stevie Nicks. Misty has planted Myrtle in the ground, healing her with swamp water. When Frankenkyle shows up, she has to wash blood from his body, but that only brings back memories of his abusive mother and he goes crazy. But Misty doesn’t know his past history and she’s upset when he knocks over her music. “He broke Stevie.”

Zoe brings Madison to Misty, “Fix her. Misty does. I told you, nothing stays dead in New Orleans. Zoe brings Kyle and Madison back to the school. Poor Madison, she’s not quite right. Misty is good at bringing back the dead, but there is something wrong; the people she brings back are a little bit Helter Skelter.


He’s back! Yes, thanks to Zoe’s deal, the Axeman is back and harassing poor Cordelia. The girls hear her screams. What are they to do? Who can save Cordelia? Not going to tell you my little witchy poos. You have to watch the show.


This season has been one hell of a ride so far and each week it gets better. How will Fiona react to Madison’s return? We do learn that the redhead, Kaylee (Alexandra Breckenridge) that Hank killed was a descendent of the Salem witches and an enemy of Marie Laveau. All the dots are connecting. Good news, rumor has it that Stevie Nicks will make an appearance on the show. I can’t wait. Bad news and a warning; don’t use a Ouija board, ever. It is a gateway for evil entities. I’ve written about the dangers of using this board in a few of my ghost hunting articles. Demons are not that easy to get rid of, so don’t invite them in. See you next week and I wonder who’s buying Fiona a drink.

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