31 Days of Horror 2013: American Horror Story S03 E04: Fearful Pranks Ensue


Don’t mess with Fiona! No one can stop the Supreme when she gets her mojo twisted in a knot. Poor Madison is now part of the Oriental rug, and Spalding’s not talking, but nothing ever stays dead in New Orleans. I love Karma and Karma is served when Frankenkyle gives mommy dearest a lesson on the meaning of “No!” All child abusers should meet with the same fate. I’m not too sure about the dating scene in New Orleans because our poor Queenie got stuck with a beast. It’s Halloween in New Orleans. What could possibly go wrong? Find out after the jump.



Tonight’s episode was full of flashbacks and secrets, from how the murder of a young boy by the Klan is revenged by Marie Laveau to the events immediately following the disappearance of the former Supreme, to what Spalding’s secret hobby is. You’ll never guess.

When three members of the Council drop by to chat with Fiona, she wants to know who sent for them. It was Nan. I love this kid. She can’t hear Madison in her head anymore. We flashback to 1971, Myrtle (Frances Conroy), a fellow student at the Academy, suspects Fiona of doing away with the Supreme, but she has no proof. Myrtle’s only witness, Spalding, loses his tongue the night before he was to be questioned. Did Fiona cut out his tongue? With no evidence to prove otherwise, Fiona is made the Supreme.

Now the Council is looking for Madison. They question everyone: Cordelia, the students, Fiona, but without a body the council is stumped. Myrtle, now part of the Council, is pissed, Fiona is responsible for Madison’s disappearance, but once again, she can’t prove it. Cordelia does reveal to the council and Fiona that Madison was not the next in line to succeed. Who is? Cordelia won’t say, but she does take notice that her Oriental rug is now missing.



Fiona finds Delphine with Queenie who was seriously injured from the savage attack of the Minotaur. The Minotaur is still on the grounds of the Academy. Was he sent because Cordelia went to the Voodoo Priestess, Marie Laveau for fertility spells? Or was he after Delphine for what she did to him those many years ago? Delphine knows that she owes her life to Queenie and tries to make amends. Cordelia nurses the girl back to health. Thank goodness, because I like Queenie.

Wayward Men

Cordelia thinks her husband, Hank (Josh Hamilton) a USDA Inspection Agent is on a business trip. He’s on a trip alright, but he’s not checking out the quality of that ground meat you might be purchasing for that next barbeque, no he’s busy inspecting a girl he picked up from an online dating site. Hank’s not the bed you and skedaddle type of lover boy. No, this head case is the ‘make you breakfast and then blow out your brains’ type of lover. I guess he doesn’t have to worry about keeping in touch.


Not sure what or how to handle her boy toy, Frankenkyle, Zoe makes his lunch with a touch of mystery seasoning. But Kyle is gone when she returns and he’ll be hard to find amongst the other costumed munchkins roaming the streets. Will he head back to Misty? Poor Even Peters! This kid can’t catch a break on “American Horror Story.”



A package is delivered to Marie Laveau’s beauty shop. Is it hair extensions, shampoo or hair dye? Hell no, it’s the head of the Minotaur and Marie goes bat shit crazy and concocts a spell to end all spells. Poor Delphine, who is handing out the Halloween candy, gets one hell of a surprise when she opens the door to the next batch of slightly moldy, rotting, trick-or-treaters. Across town, Cordelia who is having a drink with Fiona is attacked by a stranger.


Conclusion and a Big, Fat, Cat’s Got Your Tongue, Spoiler!

There were secrets within secrets, but the biggest concerns Spalding who likes to have tea parties with a room full of dolls, but one of the dolls is not made from plastic. We also learn that Spalding would do anything to protect the woman he loves, anything. I love this season on “American Horror Story.” Nothing stays dead and even wicked people are capable of love. See you next week, my little witchy-poos.

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  1. Pretty exciting news this week that Evan Peters, who plays Kyle here, will be Joss Whedon’s Quicksilver in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

    1. Thank you Glenn. It’s about time this kid gets the exposure he so deserves:) I’ll check it out.

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