Maybe You’ll Be Amazed: Paul McCartney & Wings’ Rockshow Reviewed

If you’re a Paul McCartney fan, you’re likely loving all the publicity the man has been doing around his brand new studio album, NEW (don’t forget to enter to win a copy of the deluxe edition from us). But even before this week, 2013 has certainly been a banner year for Macca. Not only did it see the massive rerelease of the Wings Over America live album (we talked about that here), but around the same time the classic live concert film Paul McCartney and Wings: Rockshow was reissued on DVD and Blu-ray by our pals at Eagle Rock.

Check out the trailer and then get our take on Rockshow after the jump!

RockshowOut of print for far too many years, Rockshow is the definitive account of Paul McCartney live in the 70s. What you see on film is just how amazing he was just a few years removed from The Beatles. Any nerves he might have had on the road with expectations so high on him can’t be seen anywhere during the film. Instead, what we’re given is McCartney in a full-blown band setting. There’s a reason why this was Wings and not simply Paul solo – McCartney liked the security of a band, and the camaraderie that goes along with it. Heck, guitarist Denny Laine even goes upfront during the show!

Recorded in front of 67,000 fans in Seattle, McCartney takes us on a magical mystery tour of instant classics from the Wings catalogue, along with a sprinkling of Beatles tunes. It’s a very different set list from the McCartney shows of today, which consist 75% of Beatles tracks. Not that there’s anything wrong with, but McCartney of the 70s was still trying to balance his current music with the legacy of the Fab Four.

It’s also sweet to see Paul onstage with his lovely Linda. With all of the jokes that were often laid at her expense thanks to some off key singing at Knebworth in 1990, the truth is Linda had a cool voice that sounded great next to her husband’s. The two of them had a chemistry on stage as well as off.

For years, McCartney was hesitant to put out the unabridged Rockshow, but watching it, I can’t help but wonder why. Regardless, it’s here now, and the perfect companion to a NEW Paul McCartney solo album.

You can order Rockshow here.

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