And the New Doctor Who Is…

doctor1Since Matt Smith announced a couple months ago that he would be leaving his role as The Doctor on “Doctor Who,” speculation has been high as to who the next Doctor would be. Would it be someone new, someone familiar, older, younger, an American, a woman? Is it Helen Mirren? Idris Elba? Or someone else? Now we know, find out after the jump.

As just announced on the BBC, here’s Peter Capaldi, our new Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi is an established actor, as opposed to an unknown, who folks might know from “The Thick of It” and one of my recent favorite shows, “The Hour.” I am sure, there will be more details to come…

For those not in the know, The Doctor, as a Time Lord from Gallifrey, has the ability to regenerate into a new body rather than dying. This has allows the character to persevere in many incarnations for over fifty years, and to have been played by well over a dozen different actors.

Best of luck to Peter Capaldi, and to Matt Smith as well. I can’t wait until the 50th anniversary special on November 23rd!

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