The Laws Of Physics Get Blown With Collider #1 On The Wednesday Run–July 31, 2013

I was never any good at the mathematics of science. Given a cheat sheet for an exam, I’d fill it full of equations and theorems hoping, praying, that I’d be given enough numerical information in a question to haphazardly substitute funny lines, letters and Greek symbols for numbers that my calculator could handle and an answer that might just get me part marks. Yeah, there were some tough days in high school and university physics.

Ah, but the theory behind the science? The scientific storytelling of why we’re here, how we came to be and how things work in this life? That was something I was interested in. That was something I could get behind.

Heat death. Indeterminism. Quantum cosmology. Multiple dimensions. Immortality.

I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe. Understood some of it, too. Life’s big answers disguised in scientific storytelling.

Or just good storytelling. And that’s why I’m piling into Collider today.


Collider 1 coverCollider #1

Written by: Simon Oliver

Illustrated by: Robbi Rodriguez

Published by: Vertigo Comics

Collider is a new sci-fi, monthly series from a seemingly resurgent Vertigo Comics. Under the “Defy” banner that Vertigo premiered earlier this summer (and really emphasized at the San Diego Comic Con a few weeks ago), the mature and sophisticated imprint of DC Comics is remaking itself in the mold of Image Comics – a publisher of creator-owned series’ and graphic novels as opposed to an imprint of parent DC that published darker DC properties. Collider is one of the early artistic achievements in this new business direction. Many more are on the horizon.

Written by Simon Oliver (The Exterminators) and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez, Collider tells the story of Special Agent Adam Hardy of the Federal Bureau of Physics (FBP), an organization put together to take care of mysterious gravity failures, time reversal loops, entropy reversals and all sorts of weird events that go against the common laws of physics! Artist Robbi Rodriguez actually described the series as a “mash up of Bruce Springsteen and Kurt Vonnegut – blue collar sci-fi”. You see, as wacky the theorems in Collider are and as crazy as the happenings in that world, the story will remain understandable. No crazy mathematics are required on a cheat sheet before reading!

The happenings in Collider are easily a metaphor for our daily lives and the various organizations that government puts together to ensure our safety. These are the organizations that surprise us – even scare us when formed, but that we become serenely accustomed to, over time. Great sci-fi is always a mirror for our current times, isn’t it?

Overcome the laws of physics and make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Collider #1.

The big bang in comics? Yeah, that’s something we can all get behind.

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