True Blood S06 E07: In The Evening

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Holy rolling heads! My phone was ringing off the wall after people read my post of last week’s episode, on Biff Bam Pop! I have lots of friends and family who are ardent followers of “True Blood,” and my little blood suckers were all chattering about the latest events in Bon Temps. Did Bill finally find his… how can I put this in a nice way… mojo? Did Terry really bite the bullet? Is Sookie a vampire? Is Sarah the Wicked Witch of the West, reincarnated? Maybe, yes, not sure, and definitely, but let’s find out for sure after the jump.

Before I review tonight’s show, I wanted to spread the good news; there will be a seventh season of “True Blood.” Okay, now that I stopped dancing around the room, I have one more wish; please come back Alan Ball! This season’s storylines need more punch.


Let’s Hear It for the Ladies

The Tru Blood is tainted. What, oh what, will our little vamps survive on now? Our little stud muffin, Eric, with the help of Willa, escapes with the very sick Nora. But Willa, who proves she’s definitely not daddy’s little girl, must stay and warn the other prisoners about the tainted blood. When Pam realizes that Willa is not a pushover, you can see the sparks flash from Pam’s eyes; she’s not too fond of her new sister. I love Pam. She tells it like it is, and what a trooper! To get into the area where they’re making the blood, Pam must use her sexy ways to trick the therapist; it works.

Sookie and Ben are lovers, and it appears that Ben’s bite didn’t change our Sookie into a vampire. However, they do discuss their future together: he wants to tie the knot; Sookie doesn’t. Ben is from ancient times where sex means marriage. Sookie sets him straight.  When Sookie hears Arlene crying, she leaves Ben to go help her friend. Sookie and Lafayette open the safe deposit box and learn Terry’s secret. Will they tell Arlene, who is falling to pieces over Terry’s death?

Jessica is visited by Jason. He wants to help her escape. She wants to thank the male vampire who refused to rape her. What gentleman! When Jason helps to arrange this little meeting he has no idea how Jessica plans to thank James (Luke Grimes). Sorry Jason.

Last, but not least, we watch as Sarah drives over to vamp camp while listening to her inspirational CD. She’s all full of religion and feeling groovy until she finds the Governor. Even though the man has lost his head; Sarah hasn’t. Witchy woman decides to take over and keep the Governor’s death a secret. Her first duty as the power behind the throne is to throw poor Jason into a cage full of hungry female vampires. This will either be Jason’s best day on earth or his worst.

Eric and Nora s6e7

The Men

The men are not having a good week. Eric is in a panic. Nora is dying from the tainted blood. But when he goes to Bill for help; Bill isn’t willing to share his blood. He wants Eric to help him find Warlow, first. Eric is angry. Do you blame him? Bill enjoys playing god; maybe a little too much. He’s getting on my last nerve. But… Bill finally feeds Nora, and then goes for a walk in the sun. When Bill visits the Bellefleur family, Andy, Arlene, Sookie, and Lafayette are not too happy with the visit or the fact that Bill doesn’t need sunscreen. Bill tries to talk Sookie into giving up Ben.

The shape shifters are having a shitty day too. When Sam learns about Terry’s death, he must return to Bon Temps and send Nicole home to mama, but not before he and Nicole take a steamy shower together. Alcide is in trouble with his pack. They uncovered his little lie; Nicole and her mother are the pack’s prisoners.

Sarah ep 7 s 6

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

We learn about Nora’s past and how and why the Lady Gainesborough was turned. Bill’s blood doesn’t help Nora, and sadly, my little bloodsuckers; another cast member bites the dust. I have no idea what’s going on with Sookie and Ben/Warlow, or if Ben will survive season six with Bill so hot for his blood. The vampires, shape shifters, and humans all have big problems, but they need to get their act together, soon. The only person on the show with a plan is Sarah (Anna Camp). She has made the word “bitch” fashionable. She knows what she wants and will bulldoze over anyone who gets in her way. You love to hate her.

3 Replies to “True Blood S06 E07: In The Evening”

  1. I haven’t cared too much for “True Blood” of late. The traditional parallel of vampires to gays in the civil rights arena has turned ugly with the vamp camp plotline and the events currently in Russia, so I haven’t been watching as regularly as I used to.

    I did really like the ending of this episode. The opening of Led Zeppelin’s “In the Evening” has always creeped me out just a little. It was cool seeing it used so effectively here. Nice touch.

    Good news with the show being renewed. Perhaps it can improve with the added season.

  2. Hi Glenn, I’m hoping that True Blood will improve by the next season. This is the first year without Alan Ball at the helm, so we need to allow the new guy to get the feel of the show. We have a lot of die-hard fans who are loyal to the show, let’s hope that HBO does right by them.

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