True Blood S06 E03: You’re No Good

willa-eric- sea 6, ep 3 TBSo, my little blood banks, what did we learn from last week’s show? Eric is still “The Stud Muffin” even when dressed like a dork; Bill is able to mind-text Lilith; Sam and Lafayette are no match in a fight with Alcide; Faeries like eating spaghetti; Sookie can’t stop herself from picking up strange men; the Governor is a bad ass, but Eric has an ace up his sleeve, and her name is Willa Burrell (Amelia Rose Blaire). Will we ever meet Warlow? Join me, after the jump, as we follow the escapades of our favorite blood suckers.

Daddy’s Little Girl

If Eric can’t control the Governor (Arliss Howard), then he’ll use the next best thing; Willa Burrell. When Eric takes home his new prize, Pam isn’t a happy camper, but Willa knows some juicy secrets about dear old dad. The Governor’s been misusing the tax money. He’s gone and built himself a prison/research facility where vampires are tortured. One of the newest inmates at this facility is no other than our favorite bible thumping minister Steve Newlin.

Eric, Pam, Tara and Willa hide out at Ginger’s house. You remember Ginger, right. She’s the flaky barmaid at Fangtasia. Eric and Willa get to sleep in a red velvet king-sized coffin; I kid you not! Eric learns from Willa that Daddy Governor is pissed off at vampires because Willa’s mom had the hots for and ran off with a vampire. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and it looks like Willa has the hots for our stud muffin. Later, Eric gets a call from the Governor. Stop talking, Eric! The Governor is tracing the call.

Bill season 6You Are My Sunshine

Bill not only mind-texts Lilith, but also has visions of the future. He’s freaking out poor Jessica with his rants of, “Everybody’s going to burn” song and dance routine. Bill thinks he’s god and can walk in the sun. Jessica tries to stop him, but…like I said, Bill thinks he’s god. He isn’t, and burns like a 4th of July firework display. Jessica has to save his sorry ass. Bill sends Jessica on a quest; find a professor. Later, he visits Sookie, but on the way home, Bill meets up with Sheriff Andy and learns about Andy’s kids. Uh oh, Andy better hide his daughters.


That girl gets more visitors at her house than the President of the United States. While Sookie is practicing with her nuclear ball of energy, Grandpa Niall (Rutger Hauer) and Jason are battling an invisible and fast moving Warlow outside. Jason is hurt and Grandpa heads over to the Faerie Nightclub to round up a posse; he’s too late. Warlow was there. Meanwhile back at Sookie’s revolving door of a house, Bill drops by and forces his way in. He wants Sookie’s blood; he wants to walk in the sun; Sookie shows him the door. Luckily for Grandpa Niall, he bumps into Ben Flynn (Rob Kazinsky) and takes him back to Sookie’s house. I still don’t trust this Ben.

Newlin s6 ep 3Karma

Don’t pull on Superman’s cape and don’t mess with Sarah. Steve Newlin is a prisoner at the Governor’s research facility. He’s been tortured, but things are about to get worse. The Governor has a partner; she’s looking for revenge and it’s strapped to the chair. Yes, indeed, Steve has met his worst nightmare; his wife, Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). She’s angry, she’s a politician, and she’s got religion. Steve’s in big trouble.


The shape shifters are having their own problems. The cops are searching for Emma and don’t believe Alcide or Martha, when they say they don’t have her. Maybe, it’s because Alcide is telling a big fat fib. Nicole Wright and her group of Vampire Unity friends are making a nuisance of themselves at Alcide’s camp. The pack discovers that Nicole has been taking pictures without their consent. Nicole and her friends learn the hard way that you shouldn’t aggravate the wildlife, and Sam gets to save Emma.

Sarah Newlin, ep 3 season 6, tbConclusion

I’m so glad that Anna Camp is back as Sarah Newlin; she is a pleasure to watch. We still don’t know what Warlow looks like. Willa is a strange duck and I’m not sure what Eric has planned for her, but I loved the king-sized vampire bed. Bill is losing it, big time, but Jessica might be able to save the day if she does her homework. Confused? Watch the show.

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