Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems: Remote Control


While it certainly comes across more of a science fiction film than a horror film, Remote Control, from cult favorite Jeff Lieberman (Blue Sunshine, Just Before Dawn), is strange enough to blur the line between the two genres.

The over-the-top premise is that an alien race is brainwashing people with a bad 1950s science fiction film in a plot to take over the planet. Standing in the way is a video store clerk (played by Kevin Dillon of The Blob) and his friends.

A lost film of sorts, Remote Control has been restored and reprogrammed for its 25th anniversary by the director himself. For fans of Lieberman, 1980s cinema, or quirky horror/scifi films, this is a real treat. Aesthetically, the film contains everything that made 1980s genre films so special: the stakes are high for the characters, even as we the audience are reminded not to take things too seriously, retro-futuristic outfits, and neon. Lots of neon. All of this is handled with the high level of competency that fans of Lieberman would expect and that those new to his work will find a joy to discover.

Remote Control has been re-released on DVD and Blu Ray and can be ordered directly from Lieberman’s site.


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  1. I’d never heard of this until now. Gotta check this out!

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