Bates Motel, Episode 9: Underwater

ep8-dead-shelbyHoly Hippies in a Van! When you have sons, you never know what the hell they’re going to drag home. Norma has lots of surprises with her boys. Norman has a new hobby, and although, I guess it’s a step up from a pet rock; it’s still gross. Dylan brings home some new friends who will be staying at the motel. An angry, former renter has left Norma a little thank you gift, but Norma prefers her lovers; alive and breathing. What possibly could go wrong this week? In the town of White Pine Bay; your guess is as good as mine. Meet me after the jump.

Have Corpse Will Travel

The hippies enjoy a doobie as they watch the police carry out the body of the dead deputy. Isn’t this the second time this body was carried out of the joint? The coroner is going to start charging Norma if she keeps giving them repeat business. Norma tells the Sheriff that Abernathy was looking for something that belonged to him. It had to do with Shelby and Keith Somers. The Sheriff later tells Norma that there is no record, no nothing proving that Abernathy is a real person. The Sheriff has to know what’s going on, but he doesn’t seem in any rush to help. Norma wants to move and quick.


Yes, the 70’s are alive and doing well at the Bates Motel. Norma goes ballistic on the hippies telling them “No weed here.” But they’re too stoned to hear a word she says. Emma, as the part time office staff, has even less success at stopping the party. When Norma receives flowers from a “secret admirer” she calls the Sheriff, but he’s in no hurry to investigate and more surprisingly he doesn’t care if the hippies are smoking weed right out in the open. Emma finds a gift in the office; a muffin from one of the hippies.  I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest, but what is Emma doing with Gandalf’s staff? Are you confused? Watch the show!

21-norman-works-on-junoDogs and Dreams

Norman brings home his stuffed dog. He’s happy; has great grades and a vendetta against Bradley. Although Norma isn’t too shocked over Norman’s dog, Dylan is; thinks it’s sick, but what really scares Dylan is Norman’s confession; he dreams of killing Bradley. Miss Watson is encouraging Norman to write stories; write what you know. Norman writes about drowning someone.  Norman is getting really scary. He smiles so sweetly when passing Bradley in the hallway, but you know he’s only waiting for the right moment to kill her.


Bradley knows the Dylan works for Gil. She needs a favor. Gil won’t let her get her deceased father’s belongings. Dylan sneaks her in to find a pocket watch that belonged to her father, but Bradley finds love letters to her father from another woman. Dylan tries to comfort her. Watch out Dylan! You don’t want to wind up next to the dog.

bates under 4Bring It On

Norma is scared, so scared she sleeps with Norman in his bed. She wants to sell her motel even though Norman doesn’t want to move. This town is stranger than “The Twilight Zone” on a bad day, and no one is particularly concerned that Mr. Abernathy is stalking Norma. She tells the real estate agent to put the house up for sale, but when Norma finds out that her property is practically useless because of the bypass, she beats up the agent. I think we should send Norma to Wall Street. I bet she would get our money back.

The Price Is Right and Big Juicy Spoiler

Mr. Abernathy gives new meaning to the term, slime ball. When Norma gets into her car, he’s waiting with a threat. He wants his money from selling girls, and if he doesn’t get it; he’ll kill the boys.

Tonight’s show had lots going on, and next week is the season finale. Bates Motel has been signed on for another season and I’m looking forward to see how crazy it can get at the Bates.

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