Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary Is Great For A Growing Trekkie (or Trekker)

How do you make sense of more than 45 years of interstellar history, hundreds of alien races, spaceships, and crew members across various fleets of star crafts?

Visually, my friend, visually.


Written by Paul Ruditis and published by our good friends at DK Canada, Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary is an easy to read guide to the mainstream and minutia of the world created by Gene Roddenberry. As with all of DK’s publications, this title is especially easy on the eyes, featuring full colour images of everything from a Cardassian replicator to a Galaxy-class vessel. It goes through the various captains in the Star Trek world and gives the various alien lifeforms encountered throughout the series and films fair play (honestly, I didn’t think there was enough information out there to give the El-Aurians there own page; shows you what I know).

Capt Picards

As a trekkie/trekker/Star Trek fan who doesn’t mind admitting so, I will say that this book is designed for two types of people – casual fans who are looking for a fun and colourful trip through the Star Trek galaxy at a casual warp speed, and their kids. This is definitely a beginners guide for new fans, and the perfect book that a parent can flip through with their young child as they’re introducing them to the term phasers on stun.

As we count down the days until Star Trek Into Darkness hits theatres, consider getting Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary to bone up on old friends, new life forms and new civilizations.

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