Drop The Needle – Iron Maiden’s Maiden England!

Let me put this out there right now, so there’s little doubt where I’m coming from on this.

Iron Maiden is the greatest heavy metal band of all time. Bar none.

Ok, Metallica fans, come down. Lars and James would likely agree with this assessment. Black Sabbath fans, chill out. The band was heavy, for sure, but metal – arguable.

No, friends. The banshee wail of Bruce Dickinson combined with the unreal, rapid fire backbone bottom end of Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain, and the syncopated guitars of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray – on the newly reissued live album/DVD Maiden England, they define what real, pure heavy metal is.

Drop the need on the vinyl release after the jump!
Everything about Iron Maiden is hard and rockin’, and Maiden Engand is no exception, Recorded on the band’s legendary 1988 world tour, the band is firing on all cylinders, playing iconic tracks like The Number Of The Beast and Hallowed Be Thy Name alongside then new tracks The Evil That Men Do,  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and Can I Play With Madness? It’s a fantastic set, designed for the air drummer in us all.

As excessive as their stage show was and is, so is the gorgeous vinyl edition of Maiden England. A double disc set, each album side features the band’s mascot Eddie. I have very few picture discs, so it’s hard not to be impressed when I look at theses – in my mind, they’re piece of art. The same goes for the jacket sleeves, each of which feature pictures from the tour on one side and lyrics on the other. The band clearly goes out of their way to make their vinyl releases look as cool as they possibly can.



Along with the awesome album art, this version of Maiden England also features the three songs played during the show’s encore which are all previously unreleased. Mixed by metal master Kevin Shirley, it all sounds great.

There are so many places you can start when it comes to Iron Maiden – a classic studio record, or one of the many live records the band has released throughout its history. For the vinyl connoisseur, however, picking up this new edition of Maiden England is just as solid a place to begin. So raise your devil horns in the air, scream for Iron Maiden, and experience the definition of metal music!

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