Andy Burns Remembers Yes Guitarist Peter Banks

Yes' Debut AlbumRegular readers of Biff Bam Pop will know that your Editor-In-Chief is a massive fan of progressive rock, with my all time fave prog band being Yes. This morning I read the sad news that original guitarist Peter Banks had passed away a few days ago. Yes has had an astounding eighteen members pass through their ranks over their 45 year history, and with virtuoso Steve Howe guiding them through the 70’s and new millenium, and wunderkind Trevor Rabin reigniting the band for the 80’s, it’s easy for Peter Banks to be forgotten.

Truth be told, Yes’ debut is a personal favourite. The band is cookin’ and much more rock oriented than their masterworks would have you believe. With Banks and original keyboardist Tony Kaye, the band simply played in a way they never would again. As legend has it, The Who’s Pete Townshend was hugely impressed with Banks when he saw him perform live.

So tonight raise a glass to an unsung guitar hero. Rest In Peace, Peter Banks, and thanks for helping Yes begin their trailblazing journey

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