Mighty Marvel March – 700 FREE Marvel #1 Digital Comics!

Marvel Comics ComixologyThis weekend at SXSW, our friends at Marvel Comics stole the show with a number of big announcements. Let’s see, there was Project Gamma, an immersive digital comic experience utilizing music and sound effects. We also had the promise of ongoing Infinite Comic series, beginning with a Wolverine 13 part story in July. For those unaware, Infinite Comics are specifically designed for the digital comics world, making use of Comixology tech and the digital environment it offers.

However, while all these are certainly cool, the one that’s making waves and breaking the internet is the new that for the next two days, you can download 700 Marvel digital #1 comics from Comixology for the low, low cost of free.


When I read this, I opened up my Comixology account and started downloading. It’s amazing what’s up for grabs, everything from new Marvel NOW! numbers ones to one offs and more. The title I started off reading? A personal favourite from back in the graphic novel days, Spider-Man: Hooky, featuring art by the legendary Bernie Wrightson.

If you have an iPad or iPhone or iPod or even a laptop or desktop, there is no reason that you shouldn’t get in on this deal. Download the Comixology App now, or visit their website here to get started!

Spider-Man Hooky

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