Fan Expo Canada 2012 Preview

fan expo 2012Fan Expo 2012
is about to hit Toronto and for the weekend of August 23-26th, nerds will rule. This marks the 18th year of Fan Expo and probably the 3 or 4th time I’ve attended… going to comics, sci fi, horror, anime, gaming conferences steels you against the extremes of fandom.

I expect this to be another crazy, cosplay filled, celebrity spotting type of conference; certainly nothing out of the ordinary for Fan Expo.

For a quick look at what’s in store and schedule hilights, read on.

jay and silent bob get old fan expoOne of the main reasons Fan Expo has become so popular is its ability to attract a celebrity presence. This year’s guest line up includes  the mandatory appearances by Stan Lee, some Star Trek actors, John Carpenter, a ton of folks from The Walking Dead, and even a live Jay & Silent Bob Get Old  SModcast on Friday night.

There are also a host of signings from various actors and comic book artists; I’m going to leave the comics coverage to our editor Andy and expert JP.

billy west fry futuramaAs the resident cartoon fanatic however, it is my duty to inform everyone that Billy West will be at Fan Expo 2012 and broadcasting a live llusionoid podcast on Saturday night! The full Anime schedule is also jam packed with what are likely obscure celebrities… including local voice actor Jason Deline! If you want to see one thing that is guaranteed to be awesome, seek out the many ‘live anime’ stage performances. It’ll either shock or delight you; or both.

J. Scott Campbell SpidermanPerhaps most importantly, don’t forget to bring your spending money. There’s always a ton of exclusive artwork and merchandise for sale, and you can often barter on the Expo floor. One item/artist I’m particular in finding, is the J. Scott Campbell 50 years of Spiderman Tribute… he’s got one of my favourite aesthetics AND he’ll be doing a few signings at the show.

It’s virtually impossible to run down the full schedule, but feel free to review it here and plan out your awesome nerdonomical weekend. As Fan Expo kicks off tonight I’ll be checking out the floor and the offering… not to mention the swarms of intricately decorated cosplayers who are bound to show up. Can’t wait to see what this year’s Fan Expo brings!

Fan Expo

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