Trailer Time: Dark Shadows

Whenever I put up our Trailer Time feature, I always feel like I have something to say. A quick comment – something like, “this looks cool” or “I can’t wait to see The Avengers – here, let’s watch the Japanese trailer!” I can honestly say that after watching the trailer for the upcoming Tim Burton/Johnny Depp film Dark Shadows, based on the soap opera of the 60’s, I’m speechless. I truly don’t know what to say or think. That’s neither bad nor good. It just is. On that note, why don’t you check out the trailer and let us know what you might think?

2 Replies to “Trailer Time: Dark Shadows”

  1. What the hell is this?

    But…it’s got Eva Green in it. And Jackie Earl Haley. Plus Christopher Lee. And Sick Boy.

    So I guess I’ll go see it.

  2. Was there a time where Tim Burton was considered a visionary director? I ask because the only thing I’m taking from the trailer is both Burton’s and Depp’s contempt for the material and it’s audience.

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