Watchmen Prequels: Your Reactions

Watchmen BabiesWith this week’s announcement of the forthcoming Watchmen Prequels came a wide variety of reactions from fans. Our own J.P. perhaps said it best in Everything is Eventual, a solid look at this bombshell announcement; but not everyone took the news with such grace and objectivity.

Our Twitter feed has been inundated with funny and insightful fan responses to the news from DC Comics.

Short of getting Alan Moore’s reaction, these are some of the best responses we’ve seen so far:

@johnnydavisesq: What no comics fan ever wanted! The #watchmen prequels are here!

@asunnydayinhell: well once again the simpsons predict the future….

@MomentOfMoore: “As far as I know there weren’t that many prequels or sequels to Moby-Dick.” — Alan Moore #watchmen

@BizarroStanLee: Alan Moore never intended “Watchmen” prequels; but creator of Snow White never intended her to eat out Cinderella either

@MikeEMedia: I love #AlanMoore but saying people can’t touch #Watchmen is silly… he based it on Charlton characters#alanmooreisnotgod

@digitaldevil4gk: Shout out to #DC for messing up one of the FEW masterpieces in there property #watchmen prequels?!?#facepalm

@ChuckQuizmo64: …Watchmen Babies, we make our dreams come true Watchmen Babies, we’ll do the same 4 u! #ObscureReferences

@DanSlott: The REAL “Before Watchmen” comic would show pages of Alan Moore reading stacks of Charlton Comics, watching an Outer Limits ep.

@popgunchaos: Alan Moore is the only one who can write #Watchmen! Also, bob Kane is the only batman writer ever #fanlogic

@AlphaInvictus: …The first #Watchmen wasn’t *that* great. Maybe they can put some#effort into this one.

@RuthKappes#Watchmen Prequels: they’re going to be like the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead of graphic novels…

@CinnamonJezus: This is what happens when suits make decisions in comics.#watchmen #fearitself #civilwar #brightestday

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  1. i’ve never been namedropped on a website. Glad my snark has earned me a place in internet history.

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