Now Hear This: LCD Soundsystem’s New Build

New Build coverWhat band or music artist makes you crazy? We all have at least one. You know, the kind of crazy that makes you sing at the top of your lungs whenever you put on an album. The kind of crazy that makes you drive 30 kilometers an hour over the speed limit whenever one of their songs comes on the radio. The kind of crazy that makes you dance in public even though you don’t ever dance in public.

I am crazy about LCD Soundsystem.

When I heard that they were going to play their final show in New York last year, I was pretty upset. No more breaking traffic laws to new songs? No more opportunities to have dance parties and sing-a-longs at LCD Soundsystem concerts? Crushing.

You know what the demise of one band means though. The members become free to do other things – like start new bands!

Late last year Al Doyle, from LCD Soundsystem’s touring band, and his Hot Chip band mate, Felix Martin announced that they were joining forces for a new project, appropriately named New Build. It sounds exactly how you expect an LCD Soundsystem/Hot Chip collaboration to sound – which is definitly not a bad thing. New Build have just released four new tracks. Give them a listen on the band’s official site.

(I’m dancing right now!)

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