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Action Is Your Reward With SPIDER-MAN #1 On The Wednesday Run

Spider-Man #1 coverIt’s not like Miles Morales, the star of today’s Spider-Man #1, is new, per se. The character, as the masked Spider-Man, has been around for five years now.

But he’s still the new kid on the block.

He’s still learning that the city, the world, the universe – is a big, big place.

He’s still learning that he doesn’t entirely fit in.

And he’s still learning that with great power comes great responsibility.

Follow me after the jump as I sling the web of reasons detailing why you need to be reading Spider-Man #1!

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Righting Future Wrongs In OLD MAN LOGAN #1 On The Wednesday Run

Old Man Logan 1 coverThe great thing about time travel, else-world stories, is that there are no rules. Anything can happen – and everything old is new again.

You take a character that’s been around forever, a character that everyone knows inside and out, and you put ‘em in a new setting, in a new time, under new circumstance and maybe, just maybe, you‘re able to squeeze something new and fresh and wonderful out of ‘em.

That’s the way to do it with these superheroes that have been around for longer than you and I, bub!

Now, let’s turn to everyone’s favourite berserker, the Wolverine in the pages of his new monthly series, Old Man Logan #1, out today!

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Hang Ten With SILVER SURFER #1 On The Wednesday Run

Silver Surver #1 coverInterstellar highways, planet eaters, alien worlds, marauding villains, alternate dimensions, space, time, love, and the creation of the universe!

That’s what we got to see in the previous volume of the Silver Surfer comic book series, created with monthly energy and aplomb by fan-favourites, writer Dan Slott and illustrator, Mike Allred. It was one of this reader’s favored comics over the last year and a half.

But with the re-launch of the Marvel Universe following the epic Secret Wars story line, Silver Surfer, along with just about every other Marvel title, got a re-boot. And it’s a great thing for everyone involved!

Old readers get to pick up right where the Surfer left off – and new readers get to jump on the silver board affectionately called “Toomie”, and ride the wave to fun and excitement with each issue!

Follow me after the jump for the low-down on Silver Surfer #1!

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Psst! SECRET WARS #9 Is Out! Pass It On The Wednesday Run

Secret Wars 9 coverIt’s been hyped.

It’s been lauded.

It’s been editorialized.

It’s been late.

And now? It’s finally here. The secret that wasn’t so much a secret is finally out in the open for all of us to see and read.

Follow me after the jump for all the goods on the final issue of the Marvel Universe’s magnum opus, nearly a half decade in the making:

Secret Wars #9!

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DKTMR 2 coverWith all the action surrounding the holiday season, you can forgive me for not actually reading last week’s release of Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2 until last night. Yes, I was anxious to read it. I loved the first issue – our review of which you can find here. I just wasn’t able to get to it sooner. Chalk it up to life’s obligations.

Which is a fitting obligation, I suppose, as that is also Batman’s pre-eminent responsibility: fighting crime. Until his bitter end.

Which, we’re told in last month’s issue, already happened.

Bruce Wayne is dead. Carrie Kelly is now wearing the cowl and cape. Superman and Wonder Woman have a super-powered (and willful) teenage daughter. And there’s a rising threat.

Follow me after the jump for a brief review of Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2 and to discover some answer to last month’s oft-asked questions!

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Image Giant-Sized Artist’s Proof Edition: Wytches #1 On The Wednesday Run

Giant sized wytches 1It’s the eve before New Year’s Eve, and we’ve got one, final Wednesday Run to go on before the turn of the calendar.

Now, I know there’s lots to do today: some of you are working, most of you are still cleaning out the refrigerator of left over foods, and some of you are in the midst of making plans for tomorrow night.

But there’s always time to head over to your local comic book shop and take a gander at new comic books on the shelves.

Today, take a look at the Image Giant-Sized Artist’s Proof Edition: Wytches #1.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Gift Cards & Certificates

Gift certificateSo. I know that there is more than one of you out there in this very predicament:

It’s the eve of the holiday season and you’re out of gift ideas and, more importantly, you’re out of time. Not so, my friend. Not so. There are still plenty of items that you can easily pick up before you head out to your Mom and Dad’s, your in-laws, or your cousin’s best friend’s roommate’s house later this evening or tomorrow for the annual holiday festivities.

The items in the list to follow won’t make you look like you just slapped something together in haste or re-gifted auntie’s old gloves given to you with much love last year.

It’s not too late. You are not alone. Take a deep breath. Get your bearings. And follow me after the jump for some great (and quick) gift ideas!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Comic Book Collections Part 3

We’ve been through these comic book collection lists twice already this month, but there’s more. Oh, how there’s so much more!

You can read through Part 1, which mentioned a host of great, affordable comic books for the loved ones in your life. Part 2 continued to showcase great works of sequential art – but these were ones that were slightly more expensive.

This 3rd and final installment mentions the monetary apex of some of the greatest comic book works that were released throughout the year. Yes, they’re expensive. But yes, a loved one should have them in their collection. (Also, self-love is not at all shunned here!)

I know! Times a-tickin’ and the shopping window is a-closin’’! Let’s get to it right after the jump!

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Throwback To BATMAN ’66 MEETS THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E #1 On The Wednesday Run

Batman 66 and UNCLE 1 coverIt’s the final Wednesday before Christmas and the rest of the holiday season hits, and that means one final run to your local comic book store to pick up new (and/or old) comics to read over the upcoming vacation days. And DC Comics has put a nice throwback treat in our stockings this year!

Who here remembers the 1960’s?

I don’t. But I certainly remember two of the most popular television shows that the 1960’s spawned: Batman (starring Adam West and Burt Ward) and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.! Today, you can finally get them together in a world-spanning crossover series the likes of which has never been seen before!

Follow me after the jump for all of the action, mystery and mayhem that is Batman ’66 Meets the Man From U.N.C.L.E. #1!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Comic Book Collections Part 2

PeanutsYesterday, we highlighted a number of horror, science fiction, detective and all-round heroic comic book softcover compilations that you could (and should!) gift your friend or loved one this holiday season. If you missed it, worry not. You can scroll down this site’s main landing page and find it, or you locate it right here.

Today, we’re continuing that list of great graphic fiction, upping the ante (and in some cases, the costs) a little bit with a plethora or hardcover volumes for that hardcover book-on-a-shelf lover in your life.

Behold: it’s the Biff Bam Pop! Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Comic Book Collections Part 2!

Follow me after the jump for all of the page-flipping action!

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