The Wednesday Run – June 22, 2011

Every Wednesday, JP makes the after-work run to his local downtown comic book shop. Comics arrive on Wednesdays you see and JP, fearful that the latest issue will sell out, rushes out to purchase his copy. This regular, weekly column will highlight a particularly interesting release, written in short order, of course, because JP has to get his – before someone else does!

Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing #1
Writer: Jonathan Vankin
Artist: Marco Castiello
DC Comics

It’s a crazy thing.

John Constantine, the Hellblazer himself, the long time tent-pole and foundation for DC Comics’ now waning, changing, adult-oriented imprint, Vertigo, is back in the DC Universe proper. That means he’ll be mixing it up with the masks and capes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman and the Justice League on a more regular basis. In fact, he’s got a spin-off series beginning this fall, called, ominously enough, Justice League Dark.

Constantine has been living (and hellishly misadventuring) in his very own, beloved, non-superhero Vertigo world, for the better part of these past twenty-five years. Apparently that aspect of him will continue. But there’s also the Constantine that has been ripped from that world and placed directly in the centre of the mainstream spotlight. Yeah, it’s a crazy thing. But at least he’ll have company.

Swamp Thing, another Vertigo character, has been brought over with him. And, after being front and centre in DC’s year-long Brightest Day extravaganza, this is the first 3-issue mini series to feature the two characters together in a very long time.

As the long-winded title suggest, Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing sees Constantine seeking out the muck-encrusted monster, recently named planet earth’s heroic champion. Our roguish mage, you see, doesn’t believe all is well with good ‘ole Swampy and that the earth’s “brightest days” are indeed behind it. Where Constantine goes, horror is sure to follow.

Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing should prove to be an interesting take on these two characters as DC tries their best to establish them into their regular continuity. It could breathe new life into them, or be a blundering miss-step. I have a hunch it will either drive fans of Constantine and Swamp Thing crazy with ill will towards the DC editors, or drive them directly to their local comic book shops this Wednesday to pick up a copy of the series.

Me? I’ll be making the run. I just gotta know how it all turns out, you know?

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