Andy Burns 5 Most Memorable Moments In TV For 2010

Earlier this week I finished reading Bill Carter’s 2006 book Desperate Networks, a look at the machinations of the the four major U.S. networks (NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox) at the dawn of the new millennium. The book was nearly as captivating as Carter’s recently released The War For Late Night. It also got me thinking about how, now matter how different one’s taste may be from someone else, I think we’d all agree that the best is tv is that which sticks in our minds long after an episode has ended. Keeping that in mind, here are my picks for the 5 most memorable moments in tv for 2010.

1) The End Of Lost:

Love it or hate it, the final episode of Lost got fans talking. It also tied most things up in a beautiful and thoughtful package. Sure, not every question was answered (for most of them, though, check out the Season 6 bonus DVD features), but not everything had to be. The final image, a close up of Matthew Fox’s face, recalls the show’s first moments and reminded me that, while Lost was certainly an ensemble show, at the end of it all, it really was about Jack’s journey.

2) The Final Episode of The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien:

7 months of living his dream came to an end in January when Conan O’Brien walked away from the ratings challenged The Tonight Show rather than see it pushed back a half-hour to make room for a Jay Leno show, whose 5 nights a week experiment at 10pm failed miserably. Whether you were on Team Coco or not, it made for fascinating television. Conan’s final thoughts on his last Tonight Show gave all of us words to live by: “nobody in life get’s exactly what they thought they were going to, but if you work really hard and are kind, amazing thing will happen.”

3) Gene Simmons Visits Anne Frank’s Home:

As most of us know, reality shows don’t have much to do with reality, but even when Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels finds Gene, Shannon, Nick and Sophie in set-up situations, I tend to believe their reactions are honest. You’d be hard pressed to argue against that when you see Gene’s reaction during a visit to Anne Frank’s home while in Amsterdam on tour with Kiss. As the son of a Holocaust survivor, Gene is genuinely devastated when he sees the face of a woman who could have been his mother and who went through so much horror. It’s a powerful and honest moment.

4) The Walking Dead Premiers on AMC:

If you were looking for proof that The Walking Dead wasn’t going to be a watered down version of the critically acclaimed comic book, the first 5 minutes gave it to you in gore and blood with a head-shot kill to an undead girl carrying a teddy bear. A show about zombies becomes the biggest cable hit of the year – who would have thought it?

5) Gloria’s Accent On Modern Family:

While Modern Family is full of brilliant comedy from all of it’s cast, I think I might choose Sophia Vergara’s Gloria as the funniest character on the show, thanks to her beutifully insane accent. Two words for you – Baby Cheeses!

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