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Granny’s Review of Assassin’s Creed, the Film


The first time I had ever heard of Assassin’s Creed was during Christmas vacation several years back. I had taken my three grandsons to the Mutter Museum in Center City Philadelphia. Granny was trying to impart some knowledge into her grandsons, but they had other ideas. While we visited the many display cases that held a multitude of medical and biological oddities, I constantly found myself alone and the boys missing. Where the heck were they?


The other visitors in the museum that day would constantly point towards one of the hallways and smirk whenever they heard me calling out for the boys. It took several round-ups before I figured out that they were playing their own version of Assassin’s Creed. So, what exactly is Assassin’s Creed and did the game successfully transfer to film? Read the rest of this entry


Granny Reviews Ron Howard’s In The Heart of the Sea


I was getting mixed reviews about this ocean adventure based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s book of the same name which was inspired by a whale of a story. On the one hand: In the Heart of the Sea was based on a true story and was directed by Ron Howard and, it also starred Chris Hemsworth, the mighty Thor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. On the other hand: it didn’t have dinosaurs, zombies, ghosts or light sabers, which is always a big sell close to the holidays. But, what convinced me to attend the film on my birthday, was the whales. I have a special bond to these creatures, but was the film worth the visit. Grab your harpoon and follow me to Nantucket. Read the rest of this entry

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