Songs in the Key of X, Episode 69: The Two Hit Wonders Show

One hit wonders are old and busted. Two hit wonders are jewel encrusted! Let Jeffery X Martin dance you away to an enchanted land of music where artists released two entire hits before withering away like David Bowie in The Hunger. Have you properly cleansed your earholes before the insertion of international objects? One can only hope! It’s The Two Hit Wonders Show on Songs in the Key of X. There’s only one more episode before the Summer of X grinds to a problematic halt! Are you ready? We mean that without any euphemistic snark.

When we fall to our knees with our face to the rising sun, oh Lord, please follow the BBP Songs in the Key of X Playlist on Spotify. It’s the least you can do before the skies crack open and the Elder Gods descend upon you, drooling and ravenous. Perhaps you can delay your rapid descent into madness by showing the Elder Gods these videos. Maybe not. But, hey! It’s worth a shot.

You’re still here? It’s over.

Go home.


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