What’s Going On: Boston Flowers Talk Their New Single ‘Man On Mars’ and Forthcoming Album

In the vibrant world of indie-pop, there’s no shortage of promising new acts vying for center stage. One of the hottest bands that needs to be on your radar is Boston Flowers. The dynamic duo of Brad Flowers (vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar) and CJ Kostaras (drums) have quickly been making a name for themselves in Brooklyn with their catchy captivating melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. With a brand new single out (“Man On Mars”) and a new album on the horizon, their unique blend of indie, alternative, and pop-rock sounds is poised to take the music scene by storm. When they’re big, remember that you saw them here on Biff Bam Pop! first. We had the pleasure of chatting with Brad Flowers about the duo’s influences, the story behind their single “Man On Mars”, what we can expect from the album, and more.

Congrats on the release of your new single “Man On Mars.” How did this song come to be?

Brad Flowers: Greetings! And thank you! “Man on Mars” is a song I wrote the main riff for back in 2016/17, and it always came out as a sound-check for when I played guitar live. During the height of the pandemic, I made this a full song in response to the difficult times ahead, especially while working in hospitals where patient outcomes were uncertain. The lyrics speak to the comradery we must find amidst isolating circumstances and challenging times.

Sonically, it feels like the band pulls from a variety of styles. Who inspires your sound?

BF: Most of my writing has been derived from the band As Tall As Lions. Their self-titled album from 2006 (recorded by the noteworthy Mike Watts from VuDu Studios) changed the way I perceive and create music, in an eye-opening way. Their seamless blend of ambient sounds with rock roots is exactly the sound I crave to hear and create. I also must mention: Third Eye Blind, Minus The Bear, and American Football. These musical mavens inspire me to write the perfect song, as I find all their songs to be perfected works of art.

The new Boston Flowers album Mondegreen is dropping soon. How excited are you to have that finally out in the world? What can listeners expect from it?

BF: This music has been a labor of love and my lifeblood. I am ecstatic to share the sounds that have been buzzing in my head for so long—songs that are an extension of my soul. The album is a period piece, chronicling the evolution of moving into adulthood while living in a big city. Stories of love and loss, as is the necessary balance of life. My hope is my music will reach the depth of listeners, especially as the recent pandemic has challenged our beings. I worked in hospitals through the height of the calamity; I am no stranger to these difficult times. This album is a reminder that we all have the strength to persevere.

Taking it all the way back, how did you guys come together?

BF: These songs were written in the past 5-6 years. The intention was to collaborate with my previous band (Long Island-based band, PRSNA), however living in Brooklyn made it difficult to accomplish. In Nov ‘22, I decided to give these songs the attention they deserve. I contacted CJ Kostaras (drummer) and Gary Cioni (producer at Sound Acres Studio) and we set these songs in stone. I gave myself one year to bring these songs to life and we are running ahead of schedule, as one should.

What’s the story behind your band’s name? It’s a play on Austin Powers, right?

BF: Correct! Growing up, I loved watching the Austin Powers movies, with a particular interest in the 70’s groovy vibes. My parents met at a discotheque in Buffalo and were in several disco dancing competitions, even making it on a local Buffalo-based disco TV show. It’s only fair to say the groove runs deep in my blood, and these songs are a tribute.

That’s awesome! What’s next for Boston Flowers?

BF: I will reach out to as many people to share these sounds. Certainly, there will be more shows set up, events, and I will create a space where like-minded indie-pop-rockers can enjoy this and similar music as a community. 

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