Gilbert Speaks on David Marantz’s “Alive” (Spoilers)

After years of reviewing the television series, The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, along with a host of zombie films from Night of the Living Dead to World War Z…I thought that I had seen everything I need to know about those shuffling bags of rotten flesh…but David Marantz offers a new take on the genre.


Written and directed by David Marantz, and starring Ellen Hillman, Neil Sheffield, Kian Pritchard, Stuart Matthews, Andrew and Daniel May-Gohrey, and Helen Coathup…Alive begins with a woman’s gynecologist telling her that maybe she is lucky not to be able to conceive during such dangerous times. Yes, my friends, this is definitely a zombie film, but a bit different than what we are used to. Not only are the citizens of the world hit with the constant barrage of news that the infection is spreading, but even teachers like Miss Horton (Simone McIntyre) are required to report any student that has been infected. 

We follow Miss Horton as she leads two teenagers, Helen (Ellen Hillman) and Kevin (Kian Pritchard) along with Helen’s little brother, Barney (played by Andrew and Daniel May-Gohrey) to safety. They are tying to make their way to an island that is reported to be safe. When the children are separated from their teacher, they make their way to a farmhouse owned by Dan (Neil Sheffield) and his wife, Olivia (Helen Coathup).

Dan is a good man, but he hides a dark secret up in his attic. Dan at first doesn’t want to help the children, especially when he realizes that Barney has been bitten and is slowly turning into a zombie. I say slowly because eating raw meat seems to slow the process a bit, but Dan has his own problems up in that attic and to rid himself of the children, finally agrees to take the children to a school where there is a generator to charge their GPS.

Sometimes the living are more dangerous than the shuffling dead. At the school, Dan is separated from the children who are then abducted by a group led by Father Albert (Stuart Matthews). Father Albert is a dangerous man who needs Helen to get into that island.

Conclusion and Spoiler

This is not your typical zombie film, and these are not your typical zombies. These zombies are aware of their surroundings. They have emotions. After Dan helps the children escape from the school, we learn what he is hiding in the attic. But will he be able to protect the children from Father Albert and his henchmen?

I really enjoyed Alive. Watch it. I highly recommend the film.

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