From the House of Ideas: ‘Planet of the Apes #3’ Continues to Build a New World

Have you been reading the new Planet of the Apes series from Marvel? The book, which released its third issue this past week, is doing an excellent job of building up a new Apes mythology that isn’t reliant on anything that came before. Instead, we’re watching a world and story develop, mainly because of a new virus that humans blame on the simian population. The series feels VERY timely, based on the world we’ve been living in for the last three years.

Writer David Walker and artist David Wachter have kept the book extremely compelling for me; one of the main reasons, along with their storytelling, is that the Marvel Planet of the Apes books are feeling extremely fresh and exciting. Unlike the Predator and Alien franchises, which were served well by their previous publisher, Dark Horse, in keep those characters in the comic eye, Planet of the Apes comics never really seemed notable when BOOM! Studios were releasing them during the 2010s. There could very well have been some good stories published; sadly, I just never heard about them. IF there’s stories I should try and find, definitely let me know.

In the hands of Marvel, and David’s Walker and Wachter, the Planet of the Apes is now getting the high profile treatment; the current series is definitely worth diving into.

WHAT LIES BEYOND THE SEA? What is a life filled with immense loss and pain? A life watching the world wither away as the ALZ-113 virus consumes humanity? For some, it is an existence of boiling rage that breeds contempt, cruelty and violence. It breeds the Exercitus Viri. As Juliana and Omatete set sail to transfer a thousand apes from the International Simian Research Center in Ghana to the CDC, trouble brews in the seas. Will they be able to make their voyage unscathed and save humanity? Or will the blood-thirsty vengeance of a select few ruin the world’s chance of a cure and with it, survival?

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