Songs in the Key of X, Episode 57: The Birthday Show, Part Two

Welcome back to the tiniest radio show on the internet, Songs in the Key of X! We’re here to keep you company this summer, but only in small increments. Tomorrow is X’s birthday! Today is Anya Burns’s birthday! It’s also the longest day of the calendar year. Suck it, other days! Do you have a birthday? There’s a good chance that you do! Check out the five songs currently on repeat on X’s playlist. Be embarrassed on his behalf when he gets emotional over good songwriting! How you gonna beat a deal like that? Stick this episode into your earholes and let it work its subtle dark magic on your headbrain!

Be sure to follow the Songs in the Key of X playlist on Spotify, updated weekly for your listening pleasure. Oh, and look! Here are some videos to keep you company on these warm days and nights during the Summer of X!

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